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Dragulj Medine has ratings and reviews. Sara said: The Jewel of MedinaSherry JonesThe Jewel of Medina by Sherry Jones is set in the founder. Divna Propast. By Čarobne knjige i ljubavni romani · Updated about 11 months ago ‘Sherry Jones – Dragulj Medine Kad se Ajša bint Ebu-Bekir rodila, Guinevere Glasfurd. By Nas svet knjiga · Updated about 4 months ago ‘Sherry Jones – Dragulj Medine, 1 dio Kad se Ajša bint Ebu-Bekir. Sherry Jones.

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Little did I know that there was an actual man known as the Prophet Muhammed!

She is also a speaker on issues including women’s rights, free speech, and Islamophobia. Just a moment while we sign you in to mednie Goodreads account. The controversy over her books has sent Jones on the lecture circuit, speaking in the U.

– Moj život kao reality show

Nikada se nije mogao poroditi u Zagrebu ili kontinentalnoj Hrvatskoj. The characters came to life and I became attached to just about all of them. The book was very visual, I enjoyed it. En este libro nos cuenta la vida de una de las esposas de Mahoma, en la cual dicen que tuvo gran influencia para que surgiera el Islam.

Dragulj Medine by Sherry Jones (4 star ratings)

It had apparently been well researched as it described a very confusing time for people of faith. Jones had to “imagine” a lot of details that were not ever recorded especially about the Prophet’s wives’ inner sanctum I finally finished a book!

A’isha is just a child when she marries Muhammad and has a quick tongue and a jealous streak that gets her in trouble alot, she can be rash and petty but she is also strong, independent and eventually very loyal to those she allows to love her.


Polako sa pojmom mitomanije. Prvu sam morao napisati kao spomen djetetu koje mi je nestalo. Although this primarily a fictional love story I feel like I learned a knkiga of Muslim history, as well.

Sve su mu uzeli. I can’t wait to re I really enjoyed this book!

Moj život kao reality show

The author acknowledges in a closing note that she did fictionalize and use literary devices. So, yes, as Muslims have criticized, this book depicts the Prophet Muhammad pbuh. She does list of number of references she turned to, so medkne is not just a figment of her imagination, but no surprise there is very little info about women in those days. I would say if you like historical fiction with a good love story knjkga this book. Return to Book Page. But, come on, is this really that big a deal?

Loved this book, and the timing of this semi-historical fiction is particularly relevant. There is love and tragedy – sins and forgiveness – war and peace, all very well written in a way that kept me wanting to read more and more.

It was interesting how Ms. This is largely due to the scarcity of written records about Muhammad’s wives combined with the author’s personal attempts to fill in holes and change details for narrative purposes. An overall intriguing novel, Sherry Jones created both a successful and controversial historical book with The Jewel of Medina.

And beware–some readers will find some of the subject matter offensive.

Jones brings a humanity to Muhammad that maybe we non-Muslims didn’t know about him like how he treated his wives he listened to their opinion and would never have beat them, which in that day and age no matter what religion was something different.

It has been published in a number of countries, as well, and was also a best-seller in Serbia. Znam da ste u Hrvatskoj zadovoljni prijemom. This was an interesting fictional novel detailing women’s lives in 7th century Arabia.


Learning about the earliest Muslim women and the prophet Muhammad also fascinated me because of the obvious timliness of the subject. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

To je opet tema za simpozijum. It kept my attention all throughout the book. This was the first book I had read about the foundation of Islam. Meni se ti reality show programi gade na televiziji i svuda oko nas. Feral je bio autohtona pojava dalmatinizma u hrvatskoj tekstualnosti. To je pitanje za doktorsku radnju. I think she also portrays the Prophet’s generosity to his wives, his progressiveness on women, fairly well.

We also get a taste of the birth of Islam and the politics of the day. Trivia About The Jewel of Medina. It will help you to understand why Muhammad was a warrior and had to fight. I never really thought about who the “prophet” was in the muslim religion but with all the wives he acquires his followers are “only” allowed 4 he seems more human than divine.

Considering the truly offensive stuff out there on Muslims and Muhammad, this novel is not a big deal and is actually pretty useful in these times of general ignorance about Islam. A sequel, “The Sword of Medina,” continues the story of A’isha’s life after Muhammad’s death and the rivalry with his cousin, Ali, which led to the first Islamic civil war and the Sunni-Shia split.