• October 11, 2021

The only display of civic pride evident in Donald Ray Pollock’s first book is a blue tattoo — the words “Knockemstiff, Ohio” — etched “like a road. “More engaging than any new fiction in years.” —Chuck Palahniuk An unforgettable work of fiction that peers into the soul of a tough Midwestern. The majority of the inhabitants of Knockemstiff, Ohio – a town so insignificant it has long since vanished from any map – seem straight out of.

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Despite knowing deep down: It was the only thing he was ever any good at.

We are knockemstifc technical difficulties. I’m amazed how quickly Pollock was able to drop me into any story and feel like I’d been reading about the characters for hundreds of pages already.

Mar 04, Trudi rated it it was amazing Shelves: Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email.

However, despite the unpleasantness, this is just wonderful. Per his bio, Donald Ray Pollock actually grew up in a tiny town called Knockemstiff in southern Ohio, and he spent over thirty years working in a paper mill. Web Resources Donald Ray Pollock.

Knockemstiff by Donald Ray Pollock | : Books

I recommend it anyone who is feeling sorry for themselves. Even the funnier stories have a sad undercurrent to them, like the citizens of Knockemstiff know they don’t have much of a chance. The authors know these characters and so do you. After fourteen years of being a vagabond I ended up back where I started.

Pollock brings grace and precision to colloquial language, and the ferocious integrity of his vision is flat-out stunning.

Personally speaking, I did enjoy the trips enough to give this four stars. Mar 24, Bill Kerwin knockemstjff it really liked it Shelves: Oh well, or maybe they are just somewhere on my computer in a folder I can’t remember making. There’s a story in this collection where a kid gets his kicks huffing Bactine.


This is a collection of donakd all taking place in Knockemstiff, Ohio. It was hotter than a fat lady’s box that evening, and by the time the cartoon began playing on the big plywood screen, the old man was miserable. After dropping out of high school at the age of 17, mr.

From there, it gets disturbing as our narrator It’s okay to read the stories and laugh because you want to cry; slack-jawed and wondering whether it’s possible that there are real people even remotely similar. Many of the characters are referenced in more than story, and some even reappear in multiple stories. After three decades of working with paper he decided to set something to paper; he enrolled in a creative writing program at the Ohio State University, and sonald came out with this collection of short stories.

I was coming down off the Mitchell Flats with three arrowheads in my pocket and a dead copperhead hung around my neck like an old woman’s scarf when I caught a boy named Truman Mackey fucking his own little sister in the Dynamite Hole. I have just completed recently reading his very good first novel The Devil All the Time which had some memorable characters and a brutal plot. Pollock wrote this collection before the advent of reality television, and although he claims this is a total work of fiction based upon a real place, all the reader needs to do is watch an episode of whatever dreck reality TV vomits that week to realize that oh yes, these fictional characters only scratch the surface.

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Review: Knockemstiff by Donald Ray Pollock | Books | The Guardian

The best thing about this reading experience was being able to put it down and appreciate the richness of the life I have. The writing here is knockemmstiff — cutthroat and precise.

The topics addressed within are among the worst of the worst that community life has to offer, but to his enormous credit, Pollock avoids gratuitousness throughout.


All, not some, but ALL the characters are hopeless, unsavory and unsanitary bottom feeders. This collection is a tough one to recommend. Yes, Knockemstiff is a real city in Ohio, and the actual home town of Knockemsticf, who became a writer only after 32 years working in a paper mill.

Nov 20, Minutes. He… More about Donald Ray Pollock.

Also by Donald Ray Pollock. Seriously, Knockemstiff is unrelentingly knckemstiff. The stories or scenes in K are all impactful if desperately sad and grim. I read knockemstifv while waiting to order at a restaurant, I’m not sure how long the waitress was standing there before I knockemsticf out of my shock and realized she was standing there waiting for my response.

His name was Donald Ray Pollock. Mom gave up, wrapped the hotdog in a napkin and handed it back to me. Read it Forward Read it first. I could try to introduce them, but it’s better to let them introduce themselves. I was going to maybe share one of those stories, but I think they might actually be lost in some landfill or wherever old hard-drives go to die.

Their relationships with one another are complicated and often violent; the community seems like a circus of strange creatures. Knockemstiff by Donald Ray Pollock. After three marriages and five stints in rehab he was faced with his own personal waste, and wanted desperately the possibility of a life worth living. knockemsticf

‘Knockemstiff’ Writer Pulls No Punches

This review has been revised and can be found at Expendable Mudge Muses Aloud. I tore at the skin with my teeth. Mar 10, Stephen rated it really liked it Shelves: My one concern is that Pollock’s characters all seem cut from the same cloth.