• June 19, 2019

My new teacher just gave me the first page of “Dohnanyi’s Essential Finger Exercises”. Boy, are they challenging. Of course, I like a challenge. Documents Similar To Dohnanyi Erno Book Essential Finger Exercises. Alfred Cortot – Rational Principles Of Pianoforte Uploaded by. Daniela. Ernst Von Dohnanyi’s Essential Finger Exercises is an excellent book which helps pianists to develop and secure technique. (Z) en-GB.

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Not deterred, she recovered, and harmed a second nerve, incurring another surgery and eventually not being able to play. Don’t worry, it will get easier.

Dohnanyi Essential Finger Exercises – Piano World Piano & Digital Piano Forums

Even scales use completely different fingerings in something exerxises scaley as Mozart. I think “Essential” is just a weak translation from the original Hungarian or whatever.

Why would you suggest something so impractical. I don’t agree that all exercises are a waste of time but some arebut I wouldn’t spend more than min per day dkhnanyi technique at your stage.

Also, there is a lot of talk in the other posts about gaining finger strength through these exercises. Hey Devils, My teacher gave Dohnanyi to me last monthst 2 pages. This was fascinating to exegcises – how does memory work? Are the other pages any easier?

Too much time on this, would cause my hands to feel “narrow”, altering a free, wide range of arms like Chopin’s “Military Polonaise” or Nocturnes. She had so aspired to concert ddohnanyi, and as I asked, politely, what her scars were from on right forearm, was stunned to hear she’d had a nerve removed after it was “irreversibly damaged” by 3 hours a day of exercising the weak fingers.


A particular passage in the Chopin c minor scherzo that gave me problems descending flourishes based on broken chords – awkward Sohnanyi hand part became noticeably easier.

Up until a few years ago, I would have been at a loss, too, about the grapevine. Check out this forum on Piano World. This also forced some rethinking but I found it came naturally, like a perspective, and then made the whole fit better.

The independence gained by playing Bach is of a different type than this exercise provides. They build the muscles in your hands.


That’ll work your left hand. Floyd, I don’t think the aim is so you can trill with 3 and 4 in a musical piece, it is more for an overall finger independence. Finger exercises are baloney. Do they have any musical value? The fifth and sixth grade boys were less enthusiastic until one bragged he could do the grapevine step used extensively in Greek dances very fast, and proceeded to demonstrate.

Zaahir Self-taught renegade – Kawai CL I’m not a doctor, but I have been very athletic, learned typing on mechanic typewriters, and always kept ergonomic form, as taught for each situation and practice.


Dohnanyi | Essential Finger Exercises (Piano)

There’s no such thing as a general technique. Turn off the memory to some extentthen look at the music, and rebuild it. Or by becoming a Subscribing member! Don’t worry about trying to go fast.

I would guess they get harder as go? Knabe Piano by Dre Do eludes have a dual purpose?

He only gave me the first page. Have to agree with Piano WannaB’s comments. If you like this post, please spread the joy!

How to Practice the Piano: Doh! Dohnányi

I cried inside as the joy and gift of music can last a lifetime, amd should. Essential to whom and for what?

Trilling with 3 and 4 while the other fingers are down won’t occur anywhere, but the more freely all the fingers can move, the faster and more evenly you can play. I have worked on a few of these. These exercises are intended to be a minimum set of technical exercises for a high level player to build and maintain technique. I agree that many technical exercises at best ineffecient, but I think these are very focussed. Exervises Essential Finger Exercises [ Re: Each dance session overwhelmed me; there was so much to learn, and it was all so hard to remember.