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Death Bringer (Skulduggery Pleasant) [Derek Landy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Meet Skulduggery Pleasant: detective, sorcerer. Meet Skulduggery Pleasant: detective, sorcerer, yes. And Necromancers no longer need Valkyrie to be their Death Bringer, and that’s a G. Written by Derek Landy, Audiobook narrated by Stephen Hogan. Sign-in to download and listen to this audiobook today! First time visiting Audible? Get this book.

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But when a mysterious man breaks into her recently inherited uncle’s house and tries to kill seathbringer, she is saved by a funny, arrogant, fireball-throwing, year-old detective that goes by the name of Skulduggery Pleasant, who just so happens to be a walking, talking skeleton, and she is pulled with him to a secret world of danger, murder and magic. The Australian release of this novella came with an additional short story titled Just Another Friday Night. They had never fought during the war, and it was common knowledge that Skulduggery vanished for a few years after the death of his family.

After saving a mysterious young woman named Ollie from the clutches of something big, slimy, and unpleasant, Dan gets entangled in a missing child case.

Skulduggery Pleasant: Death Bringer by Derek Landy – review

During the party a group of robbers try to steal from Gordon’s house, unaware they all have Magic. They also have the Supreme Council to deal with, an allied group of sanctuaries trying to convince the Ceathbringer to hand over control after the recent series of catastrophes.

Aaaaah, Derek, Derek, Derek.

It is continually fast paced and witty and oh so sarcastic and I am unabashedly obsessed. Want to tell the world about a book you’ve read?

Skulduggery Pleasant: Death Bringer

Between the shocking revelation that her true name is Darquesse, a near deathly being that Sensitives have had deatgbringer apocalyptic visions of, in which she turns the world into a charred lifeless husk, an outbreak of at least vicious, soul possessing shadows known as Remnants who turn their hosts into murdering psychopaths with no remorse, and a prophecy which may make her the Death Bringer, a messiah to the necromancers who they believe will be their salvation, Valkyrie Cain has a lot to worry about.


Like the last book, Landy’s sarcastic humour that he originally planted in Skulduggery’s character has seeped through to almost all the characters. You definitely end deathbringee seeing China’s subtle side in this book which still includes her smug attitude, but her feelings for Valkyrie develop into something more.

When they collide in the wildwood, on the trail of a deadly witch, it’s the start of a grand adventure that just might change the fabric of their worlds. She was then consumed with self-pity for a bit, but thankfully, the action in the book soon caught up with her, and she was soon forced out of her more fickle problms when confronted with many new and more important ones.

Derek plays too many video games, reads too many comics, and watches too many movies. Waking up in a sea cave with nothing but the clothes on his back and a new bullet scar was enough to convince him that wherever his death had brought him, it wasn’t paradise.

Deathbringdr such a loser. That one just knocked my skull off.

Although “less action-y moments? After she blows up China’s library, Eliza reveals the truth behing the capture of Skulduggery’s family. This he manages by working it into the story via the protagonists’ actions and hidden aspects.

Skulduggery Pleasant: Death Bringer by Derek Landy – review | Children’s books | The Guardian

The Necromancers want to make a passage so you can move from one side to the other. I had a brilliant time talking to him; he is such a nice person.


For their efforts, Valkyrie and Skulduggery are to be presented with medals at the Sanctuary. Is deathbeinger worth reading? There is so much wrong with Nye.

And if that wasn’t enough to deal with, sensitives all around the globe are having visions of a new threat, one that will bring the world to its knees: It has also been confirmed that Valkyrie’s sibling is going to be a girl, and her name was later revealed to be Alison Edgley [6].

She was running off the rails, she didn’t have Tanith or Ghastly to rein her in. The official synposis revealed in the Skulduggery Pleasant website [3]:. Craven is shown to be slightly unstable as he returns to the lower levels and begins to free Melancholia as he thinks showing her the abilities he gave her would grant her to be the Death Bringer.

The Reflection suggests killing Ian, but Valkyrie rejects this and instead calls the police. Retrieved 11 February There is no ddrek plan to save him.

It seems like it’s kinda circling the airport at this point, so to speak. This book would otherwise deserve full 5 stars Dakota Krout Narrated by: That one comment to Fletcher at the end does not excuse her satisfactorily.

In an alien city torn apart by crooked cops and ruthless criminals, private detective Dan Deadman specializes in cases unusual and bizarre.