• June 19, 2019

Reading this treatise by Deleuze and Guattari makes me realize that it is an enactment of the very rhizomatic negotiations that their thought has. —Deleuze and Guattari A Thousand Plateaus have criticized their theories of nomadology, capitalism, desire, and deterritorialization as being “antihistorical,”. Deleuze and Guattari’s ‘War Machine’ as a Critique of Hegel’s Political of A Thousand Plateaus: Nomadology, Anthropology, and Authority’.

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Achilles is brought before his double, Penthesilea. Whereas the theorem belongs to the rational order, the problem is affective and is inseparable from the metamorphoses, generations, and creations within science itself. Primitive war does not produce the State any more than it derives from it. I am of an inferior race for all eternity… There I am on the Breton shore It is necessary to reach the point of conceiving the war machine as itself a pure form of exteriority, whereas the State apparatus constitutes the form of interiority we habitually take as a model, or according to which we are in the habit of thinking.

The State must realise the distinction between the legislator and the subject under formal conditions permitting thought, for its part, to conceptualise their identity.

Let us take a limited example and compare the war machine and the State apparatus in the context of the theory of games.

This provoked me to again think I have to get into interstellar space, in a yurtship It is also their aptitude—even caricatural or seriously deformed—to constitute themselves as a war machine, following wa models, another dynamism, a nomadic ambition, over against the State.

We are referring to religion as an element in a war machine and the idea of holy war as the motor of that machine. This modern strategy was communicated from the sea to the air, as the new smooth space, but also to the entire Earth considered as desert or sea.


When chemistry took a decisive step forward, it was always by adding to the force of weight bonds of another type for example, electric that transformed the nature of chemical equations. It is not just their obstinate defence of their privileges.

The plane of consistency or composition is opposed to another plane, that of organisation or formation. As converter and capturer, tne State does not just relativize movement, it reimparts absolute movement. It is as if Gothic conquered a smooth space, while Romanesque remained partially within a striated space in which the vault depends on the juxtaposition of parallel pillars.

An anarchic bricolage nomxdology ideas uprooted from anthropology, aesthetics, history, and military strategy, Nomadology carries out Deleuze’s desire to “leave philosophy, but to leave it as deeuze philosopher. In Go, it is a question of arraying oneself in an open space, of holding space, of maintaining the possibility of springing up at any point: For example why is primitive metallurgy necessarily an ambulant science that confers upon smiths a quasi-nomadic status?

Must we invoke a military origin of the collective body and esprit de corps?

The concern of the State is to conserve. Aaron Peiser rated it it was amazing Sep 29, Nomqdology significant are perhaps borderline phenomena in which nomad science exerts pressure on State science, and, conversely, State science appropriates and transforms the elements of nomad science.

But the sacred place of religion is fundamentally a center hat repels the obscure nomas. And the best formulation, that of Michel Serres, is indeed couched in terms of an alternative, whatever mixes deleuzw compositions there may be: From turha to turbo: These metaphors in many ways illuminate other philosophical texts, as well as current events, but they remain metaphors.


Nomadology: The War Machine

It is striated by the fall of bodies, the verticals of gravity, the distribution of matter into parallel layers, the lamellar and laminar movement of flows. One of the reasons for the hegemony of the West was the power of its State apparatuses to striate the sea by combining the technologies of the North and the Mediterranean and by annexing the Atlantic. The State as town surveyor, converter, or highway interchange: Rather than representation of Platonic form or Ideas being constituted, we have this sense of the embellishment of motif on the surface of the war-machine that is itself an enabler of the forces of desire in movement as pure speed.

The nomos, or the dispars, is altogether different. Reading this treatise by Deleuze and Guattari makes me realize that it is an enactment of the very rhizomatic negotiations that their thought has taken from the beginning.

It is therefore false to define the nomad by movement. This is easily seen in certain band or pack phenomena.

Nomadology: The War Machine by Gilles Deleuze

Yet, it centers on the main aspect of how technology is plugged into specific assemblages, and that it is this assemblage that defines the conceptual relations to technology rather than technologies determination of the assemblage socious, body-without-organs, etc.

This exteriority is first attested to in mythology, epic, drama, and games. We follow Clastres when he demonstrates that the State is explained neither by a development of productive forces nor by a differentiation of political forces.