• June 16, 2019

Title: Year-Old Virgin. By: Sierra_Sitruc. Rating: M. Genre: Humor/Romance. Pairing: Bella/Edward. Warning: OOC Edward, but it’s meant. Decoy – yearoldvirgin. Summary-. A deal that will change their lives: Bella Swan is tired of being a nobody and makes a deal with one of the most popular. She had said in chat one day, while I was writing Decoy, that people had Tagged yearoldvirgin, Decoy., Edward Cullen, Eight Days a.

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I had ruined its chances of shagging like bunnies on Isle Esme, the island meant for sex. Will Bella defy her head and follow her heart?

Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics! | Rob Attack

It mirrors Breaking Dawn, smexy lemony style. She squirmed against me while my hands drifted to her breasts. I am looking to organize my ffic in some fashion and yours sounds great. Or his worst nightmare come true.

What a way to spend the 107yearoldviirgin — eh? I just told somebody the other day that For The Summer is in my top 5 favs ever now, too.


It just hadn’t gone anywhere. Bless Engineers for finding the goods, no?

Votes – 1 via Facebook. She does give warnings at the beginnings of these as to their content. Sounds perfect for my post UTAT mood. RA and it’s authors are only responsible for the statements made in the blog, they as individiduals write.

In the SmutLight – The Works of 107yearoldvirgin

It makes me smile to know that people still remember this story. My question today…I have created folders to put recommendations into for future reading.

I added Into the Mysic and Maybe to my list to read. And finally a friend lent me the first 4 True Blood books. November 15, at 5: We got as far as groping before Tanya thought of how “sweet” I was. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

Year Old Virgin, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: All her stories are beautiful, for me one one that touched me the most is: Being able to convert the ff files to PDF http: For The Summer especially pawned me.


She should be so proud. Taking off her clothes, making my boner stand at attention like it never had before, I wanted to give her what she wanted. Can anyone tell me where I can 1077yearoldvirgin the following fics: And 107yearlldvirgin job snagging that interview!

Apr 18, — Status: I have been lucky to have the opportunity to get to know her a bit more on a personal level and found out that she is also an amazingly kind quick-witted caring person!

November 16, at 2: The love between them is so amazingly intense and she captures it so beautifully. Perhaps a man in his twenties could pull off still being a virgin. Perhaps, her hormone-crazed body had been after one thing in particular.