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the impact of French imperialism on Indochina. · the rise of Vietnamese nationalism and war against the French. · the growth of Vietnamese. In the s, the jungled regions of Indo-China were occupied by a number of asiatic peoples organized into several different kingdoms and. The USA provide aid to the French in their fight to retain control of Indochina. By this time the ‘Domino Theory’ is generally accepted by the US.

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The Viet Minh did unify its country, but it took another twenty years of war.

Indochlna sentiments intensified in Vietnam, especially during and after World War Ibut all the uprisings and tentative efforts failed to obtain sufficient concessions from the French. Only Laos was seen initially as an economically unviable colony, although timber was harvested at a small scale from there. But even at those odds, you ddcolonisation lose and we will win. Therefore, Ho and the determination of his army was a very significant aspect for the outbreak of the Vietnamese Conflict in In Octoberthe French army suffered its first major defeat with the battle of Route Coloniale indocuina.

Trat became part of Thailand again on 23 March in exchange for many areas east of the Mekong like BattambangSiam Nakhon and Sisophon.

Decolonisation in Indochina |

After the Fall of France during World War IIthe colony was administered by the Vichy government and was under Japanese occupation until Marchwhen the Japanese overthrew the colonial regime. The day after the French defeat, Ho Chi Minh sends his congratulations to his troops.

American OSS officers intervened on his behalf and he was released in Vietnamese society was divided into two groups – the Mandarins and the peasants. All relevant info included in plan, no further research required.


Decolonisation in Indochina 1945-54

Under the Geneva Accords of in addition to the above and French withdrawal from Vietnam, and other provisions, the country would be reunified by election in the summer of The French troops set themselves the difficult task of reconquering land held by the Viet Minh and gradually became embroiled in a protracted colonial struggle fought far from French soil that claimed many lives.

Father fired, Mother dying, Translation protest 2.

To abolish public loans and poll tax. Most companies took the Vietnamese displaced peasants as virtual slave labour leading to the separation of families and the loss of their culture and tradition. In the end, the French lost national prestige and international stature because they lost to the Viet Minh.

The Decoponisation were no less ov to retain possession of Vietnam and the rest of Indo-China, for they viewed the retention of their colonial possessions as necessary to regain their international stature.

Decolonisation of Indochina | Year 11 HSC – Modern History | Thinkswap

This article contains Lao text. Overthrow French imperialism, feudalism, and the reactionary Vietnamese capitalist class 2. Similar documents to “Decolonisation of Indochina” avaliable on Thinkswap Documents similar to “Decolonisation of Indochina” are suggested based on similar topic fingerprints from a variety of other Thinkswap Subjects.

In essence,Francerecognized the Democratic Republic of Vietnam as a free state, having its own government and parliament and forming part of the Indochinese Federation within the French Union, and the Vietnamese agreed that the French army should relieve the Chinese north of the sixteenth parallel.


Inthe Trans-Indochinois railway linking Hanoi and Saigon opened. Britain’s only gesture was an agreement with France guaranteeing the integrity of the rest of Siam. Instability and political pressure exacerbated the difficulties of developing a new relationship with Indo-China and specifically Vietnam.


Villages could link together to fight a common enemy. The Communists only had to support a particular course of action for most of the other factions within the government to oppose it. American President Roosevelt and General Stilwell privately made it adamantly clear that the French were not to reacquire French Indochina after the war was over.

InSiam modern Thailand renounced suzerainty over Cambodia and officially recognised the French protectorate on Cambodia, in exchange for the control of Battambang and Siem Reap provinces which officially became part of Thailand.

French Indochina

When French Indochina was viewed as an economically important colony for France, the French lf set a goal to improve the transport and communications networks in the colony. Socially, Vietnam grew increasingly resistant towards its French colonial masters and throughout the period a number of nationalist groups emerged.

The years of oppression by the French meant that the Decoloniaation people had lost their culture and tradition, which had caused resentment. The Vietnam War as history: The events of marked the beginnings of serious Ineochina States involvement in Vietnam and the ensuing Vietnam War. This can be seen clearly through the impacts of french colonization on vietnamese politics.

The general disorganization of French Indochina, coupled with several natural disasters, caused a dreadful famine in Northern and Central Vietnam. However, was the turning point of the war. Beginning in the s, France began to exploit the region for its natural resources and to economically diversify the colony.