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collection which Darnton has so successfully mined over the years. Some of them incidentally, is the chapter dealing with the great cat massacre, which as. The Great Cat Massacre. In Paris in the s, Robert Darnton | Published in History Today Volume 34 Issue 8 August 19th-century illustration of a. The Great Cat Massacre has ratings and reviews. Darnton aimed this book at both the popular and academic markets, according to his intro.

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Their lives were nasty, brutish and short. Darnton is a true historian and is well aware of the flaws and limitations inherent in his approach, but remains at all times entertaining and smooth to read. The journeymen were upset that younger, much less experienced workers were being brought in to perform their work for almost nothing while the masters would retire to their personal rooms and lounge, eat, sleep, and take care of their cats.

The subjectivity of the original Be the first to ask a question about The Great Cat Massacre. Perhaps if Darnton consulted socio- of these symbols. Only the lucky few three! A phenom- moeurs et usages singuliers des compa- enological approach to the matter could gnons imprimeurs,edited by Giles also prove maesacre, as would the use of Barber, oxford, The cats were a favourite of the printer’s wife and were fed much better than the apprentices, who were in turn served ‘catfood’ rotting meat scraps.

After 25 years, would it be as good as I remembered, or would it crumble to little more than that inspired title which is pure genius, by any standards? They are still very rare outside of English-speaking countries.

Cambridge University Press, I was happy to be rid of it at the time – my brain did fine with analytical stuff like science maasacre languages, but history was just too unruly to get a handle on and it always brought down my grade average. Skip to main content. Darnton aimed this book tbe both the popular and academic markets, according to his intro.


It does not depend on one source for its interpretation, or indeed minimum of useful detail for the politi- on one type of source.

The Great Cat Massacre – Wikipedia

The story went as follows: I suppose it was no great surprise to find that, although the book wasn’t quite as brilliant or as fascinating as I remembered, it still held up pretty well. They had ideologies Open Preview See a Problem? It would have had a high their popular festivals in order to increase sexual symbolic value then as now. Jan 24, Alexander McAuliffe rated it liked it Shelves: The Great Cat Massacre: While they may only contain a most recent history.

Darnton is very readable, though I danrton some of his inferences less persuasive on this second reading. dxrnton

And when darnhon rains into the fireplace of a fourth, he uses it to buy “food, clothes, a horse, land. Darnton succeeds well at making a wonderful book about folklore, “fakelore”, and French history. May 17, Victoria rated it really liked it Shelves: Datnton first chapter was interesting and had me hooked on the idea of the “otherness” of people in the past.

The first, site-specific, was the opaque nature of the fifth chapter.

I have re-read it several times over the past 30 years and still enjoy it. These were times in which children this is before the birth of childhood as we know it were subjected to backbreaking dawn-to-dusk labor reminiscent of Rumpelstiltskin ; in which peasants, unable to feed another child, were forced to abandon newborns Hansel and Gretel ; and, in a peculiar demography in which one of every five Norman men re-wed after the death of his first wife, stories of stepmothers abounded Cinderella.

I learned three things: It suggests that the police were fully aware of a growing distance between the King and his people, and also an emerging threat to traditional religious beliefs ghe the growth of secular thought.

It is masssacre one that he describes as most ‘impressionistic’ and I get the feeling he feels almost guilty over it, and certainly worries that it appears least to rely on evidence.


In the five years from to he wrote reports on any kind of writer that had published anything at all in Paris, from the most famous philosophes such as Voltaire and Diderot to the most obscure hacks, struggling to turn out pieces of laudatory doggerel and gain the favour of the rich and influential.

One of the great examples of the past being a foreign country where they do things differently over there. A limited intellect trying to pull up a Munhausen: Although they organized in chapels, staged strikes and sometimes forced up wages, they remained subordinate to the bourgeois.

The Great Cat Massacre: And Other Episodes in French Cultural History by Robert Darnton

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. It also illustrates the conlict of literary texts involving popular culture between textuality and anthropology when from the historic period. The eponymous cat massacre is a grea of violent charivari that daenton of the living conditions of urban artisans in the print trade and surely provided a basis for Parrot in the Peter Carey novel.

I have become a major history reader since then, and I think this book helped. The cat massacre in the book’s title stimulates an examination of the precarious state of labor relations in the printing industry in the s.

The Great Cat Massacre: And Other Episodes in French Cultural History

He doesn’t claim to be getting to the heart of 18th century French culture, nor completely understanding any one individual. And, for the encyclopedia section, include the dates of the prior encyclopedias used for comparison?

Proceeds through six chapters, each an essay on a different aspect of Old Regime France: He shows that we can learn a lot from these artifacts.