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UNIT I THE MICROPROCESSOR. Microprocessor architecture- Addressing modes- Instruction set-Programming the Objective: To have an in. CS / CS42 / EC / CS / Micro Processors and Micro Controllers Complete Notes CSE,IT 4th Semester regulation EC Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lecture Notes All 5 Units – Free notes for Anna university 4TH sem Subject CS MICROPROCESSORS AND.

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The status word can read by the CPU to check the readiness of the transmitter or receiver and to check the character synchronization in synchronous reception can read. It transfers eight bits of data simultaneously over eight data lines. If the parity is odd flag is reset. The Zero flag miccroprocessor also set if a certain register content becomes zero following an increment or Decrement operation of the register.

What is direct addressing mode?

Anna University Chennai Cs – microprocessors and microcontrollers model question papers

What is the use of DMA address in ? Give the classification of machine control flag: For a programmer, it is always best and better to write a program in a shortest length rather than longer, when a particular instructions in the program are repetitively coming.

What is Parity Flag? What is the function of memory interfacing? Methods of parallel data transfer are: What is a counter? What is the function of zero flag microprocexsor ? The speed of the super computers are measured in MIPS Millions of instructions per second or Mega flops millions of floating point miceoprocessor per second.


Extra segment register points to extra segment in which data stored. The string instructions assume S1 to point to first byte or work of the source operand and D!

What is the disadvantage of decoded scan mode? Dummy variables are not available Does not require no overhead time during the Does need overhead time to call the procedure execution More memory operation Less memory opoeration 3.

The polling can be classified into software polling and hardware polling. What are the two command words of A? What is the function of carry flag in ? Generally two types of modulation techniques are used. If this bit is 1 then the interrupt is pending. The speed at which serial data are mircocontroller is referred to as the baud rate.


What is the maximum notss size possible for a based system? It is set to access data from external memory or else it is grounded for internal memory operation. What is indexed addressing mode? Give the importance of co-processor. The has a read back feature which allows you to latch the count in all the counters and the status of the counter at any point.


AX- 16 bit accumulator. Distributed systems, research areas like in data acqusition. The data are often transferred through telephone wire or over the airwaves via form of radio carriers.

What is DMA technique?


In relative addressing mode the operand is specified as an 8bit displacement with respect to PC. A co-processor is normally designed specially to meet the difficult situation in amnipulation and solving the complex arithmetic calculations such as computing the square root of a number, tangent of a number or the logarithmic value of a number, with rapid speed. When the slave is selected, it comes to normal logic and it communicates with master. What is the function of DMA address register?

Compare synchronous and asynchronous data transmission. Nottes is a microcomputer?

If two interrupts with the same priority occur at the same time, them they have the following ranking: List the applications of microcomputer. What is assembler directive?