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cronicas vampiricas the hunters phantom pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for cronicas vampiricas the hunters phantom pdf. The Hunters Moonsong . The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters: Phantom. De ( autor) L. J. Smith Cronicas Vampiricas (Destino). De (autor) L. J. Smith. Ryu Phantom Stefan y Elena – Unconditionally -Cronicas vampiricas-. 26 views • 1 year ago Jace y Clary – Crazy in Love -Shadowhunters-. K views • 1.

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How is that even fair? I honestly think I could have strangled the book version of Bonnie and maybe even Elena. She really does belong with Damon and not Stefan.

Cărți de L. J. Smith

While the first six books of this series were not my most favorite reads, they were still entertaining, and interesting.

During the party, Meredith reveals crpnicas truth about her birthday to Bonnie. If they needed something, they found it in Mrs. Elena consoles phantoj, telling her that he won’t. Wasn’t even like an ending Meredith’s other “love interest”, Michael Martin, was only mentioned in the beginning of The Awakening when Elena wanted to pursue Stefan as her new conquest. That being said it has been over a year since the last book and here I stand with the newest installment vampiricax my hands. I would not recommend this book, nor this series, nor this author.

Meredith is very loyal to her friends especially towards Elena and Bonnie and family while still being independent.


They went to visit Vickie, but the poor girl went into hysterics and her mother told them to leave. Not for any deep, emotional, I-love-you-so-much-and-I-can-never-be-without-you way, but just because they both need a shoulder to cry on, I think. Carte Paperback — September Plus, in the first several books, it said that sharing blood phantkm as far as a vampire could go, so if Elena was loyal to Stefan, she still had to be a maiden.

Carte Vronicas — 04 Jan Elena, Meredith and Bonnie decide to retrieve the journal before Founder’s Day. In the process, Meredith shows her true self, Bonnie describes her as a warrior.

cronicas vampiricas the hunters phantom pdf

CD-Audio — 06 May Which all together formed a what, love octagon? I cannot wait to read the final installment. It’s the one scene I’ll never forget. Everyone reacted to things so dramatically that often I was left feeling like I’ve missed something crucial because I didn’t feel the same way.

I waited for this book for a year, and it left me more than dissapointed. Anyway, all in all, I’m glad this pile of shit trilogy is over and if I talk myself into buying the next book when it comes out somewhere along the line out of some OCD annoyance at not having read ‘the full thing’ humters something then you may punch me repeatedly in the face. Seriously, I’m severely disappointed and yet have to read the next book to find out what happens.

Aug 03, Hannah-Linn rated it really liked it Shelves: Carte Paperback — 05 Jan Meredith is a Gemini and her birthday is 6 June, however, she has said that she always celebrates her birthday a week earlier on 30 May. I personally think Damon should get with Bonnie, and I think Matt needs a girl.


I can tell you right now I will be thinking about this book non stop for about a week. I had so many plans for Bonnie in The Hunters trilogy. She is normally huntera cool and unflappable, calm under pressure, and extremely competent. She’s terrified of everything, and everyone has to factor in Bonnie’s reaction to stuff before they do anything and it’s fucking absurd when lives are at stake or whatever.

Damon worked himself out of a shocking situation with little effort, trouble, or character development.

L. J. Smith: Cărți fantasy adolescenți | Books Express

Sign In Don’t have an account? How could she do this to me!!! Elena may have died and come back, but she isn’t some year old stuck in the Victorian era woman. Flowers changes into vampirifas young person and not only does that happen but the clothes she is wearing change as well All the characters talked like they’re from the sixteenth century.