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Langue: Spanish. Type: Journal Article. In AGRIS since: All titles: ” Estudios sobre coturnicultura [Colombia]. ” ” [Studies on quail culture [Colombia]]. El Presidente de la Confederación de Coturnicultores de Colombia CONALCOT Dr. Enrique Galindo se encuentra en nuestra ciudad, para. La Coturnicultura Es El Arte de Criar y Fomentar La Producción de condiciones climatológicas apropiadas, como es el caso de Perú, Colombia, Venezuela.

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[Studies on quail culture [Colombia]]. [Spanish]

National Academy Press; The ideal protein concept implies feeding the best ratios between lysine and other amino acids, thus reducing the crude protein content of the diet. Temperature and humidity inside the shed were daily recorded. The stocking density per experimental unit was Conflicts of interest The authors declare they have no conflicts of interest with regard to the work presented in this report.

The authors declare they have no conflicts of interest with regard to the work presented in this report. Considering the feathering results, quails had privileged maintenance. Ideal ratio of oclombia methionine plus cystine to digestible lysine for growing Japanese quails.

Birds were moved to laying cages at 41 days of age coturniciltura the same birds from each experimental unit together to evaluate growth and development during the laying phase. Although a similar response was noted in this study, the best result for feathering was obtained using a lower ratio than that required for weight gain and feed conversion.


When quails reached 40 days they had coutrnicultura beaks trimmed before moving them to egg laying cages. One sixty-watt light bulb was placed in each cage to warm the birds until they reached 15 days of age. In general, the birds were provided appropriate temperature and humidity in the experimental units according with the literature, records of maximum and minimum temperature and relative humidity Table 3 as well as the behavior of the animals.

The glass pressure drinkers were replaced colonbia nipple drinkers at 12 days of age.

Consequenty, the ratio observed for feather percentage differs from the one determined by Pinto et al. July 18, ; accepted: Low ratios were related to low weight of the animals, increased feed ingestion, and greater weight gain during the production phase. Heder J D’Avila Lima.

[Studies on quail culture [Colombia]]. [Spanish] [1975]

How to cite this article. Tabelas para codornas japonesas e europeias.

A basal diet formulated to meet all nutrient requirements was added with graded levels coturhicultura DL-methionine replacing glutamic acid. The units had 24 hours a day of artificial light with the same light bulbs used for warmth until birds were 15 days old. Although they were exposed to heat stress for a certain period during the day, this did not influence production because the performance was within the range considered as normal for this species.

World Poult Sci J ; Similarly, Pinto et al. A total of one-day-old female Japanese quails Coturnix japonica were used body weight cotufnicultura. Carrera 75 Of.


Because temperature and humidity in the experimental units did not have extreme variations and because there were no other factors that could make experimental units heterogeneous, it can be inferred that the results found were due to the different amino acid ratios.

This allows us to infer that the protein reduction in this study with amino acids supplementation in isonitrogenic diets did not affect maintenance cohurnicultura feathering.

Grupos de productores de huevo de codorniz quieren conformarse, con fines de exportación

The experimental unit consisted of 20 birds per cage, with 10 replicates. Diferentes pesos corporais ao final da fase de recria sobre o desempenho produtivo de codornas japonesas. Methionine, the first limiting amino acid for quails Mandal et al. Temperature and humidity inside the shed were controlled with maximum and minimum thermometers, wet and dry bulbs, and according with the quail behaviour. For the calculation of body fat and protein deposits, the value found in the sample was compared with the average weight of the colmbia animal in each experimental unit, according to Pinto et al.

University Books Publishers; In conclusion, the coturnicultuga. Feed intake was weekly measured and the average intake of died birds was subtracted to calculate the real consumption per experimental unit.