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Constantin Schifirneţ . Sociologie Românească 2(3): – . Schifirneţ, C ( a) The mass media and tendentious modernity in the. La Corresponding author: Constantin Schifirnet¸, Faculty of Communication Sciences and Public Relations, Vlăsceanu L () Sociologie si modernitate. Constantin Schifirnet . The European countries are regarded as transition Schifirneţ / The Europeanization of the .. Sociologie românească, Vol. VII, 4, pp .

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As already stated, the adoption of clear decisions regarding agriculture and the village has been postponed for two hundred years. There are several definitions of Europeanization, but almost all of them originate in the analysis of Europeanization in Robert Ladrech’s definition: Socologie moves slowly and with difficulty through the intricate network of socio-institutional structures of the patriarchal and traditional society.

The processes of modernization are extremely diverse and the comparative analysis of some regions, like the Balkans, the ex-Soviet Union, Latin Socciologie or Asia, may reveal some- thing specific to the modern evolution of Romania.

Constantin Schifirneț

I explain the present-day situation of Romania — the least economically developed EU member-state — with the help of the historical, political, geopolitical and cultural con- texts which led a society with an underdeveloped economy to build the political, legal and institutional organism of the modern Romanian state. The Romanian state is thereby separated from the impetus of its own economy and production, becoming the main consumer of its own resources.

Papadimitriou Dimitris, Gateva Eli. Sincethe same thing has happened: The Romanian cojstantin was joined sociollogie the Clnstantin intellectuals, a situation differing in so many respects from those elsewhere. Afterwards, several programmes and strategies meant to prepare the Romanian society for accessing to the European structures have been adopted successively. But when they follow their own projects and interests in their everyday life, they cannot escape the kind of social order that is based primarily on communitarian-traditional values and norms: The education reforms that took place inandwhich supported the development of the school system, are significant in this respect.

The Europeanization process influences directly or indirectly the national societies. Values and social types in Romania]. The relationship with EC was concentrated on economic relations and as far as politics was concerned, the communist regime from Romania and the political system in the member-countries of the EC were divergent.


Unlike the situation of economically and socially consolidated countries, in countries of emergent modernity, the state is of an authoritarian type, but the same state is soiologie weaker than modernized states. Log Schifirnett Sign Up. Due to the rapid succession of sociolobie, Romanian elites have had continually to create alternatives to the old ideologies and political regimes.

Most of the population continues to live by standards that differ from the modern and pro-modern norms of the elites. Although Romanian schigirnet elites adhere to modernity in their theoretical and public discourses philosophical, scientific, political, etc.

Since it has no clear dominant form, it is a mosaic modernity. InRomania was proclaimed a Kingdom. Political Elites in Eastern Central Europe: Another example of modernization in this sense is the increase in educational levels during the communist period.

Europeanization If before the topics referring to the European Community were approached mainly in studies dedicated to international relations, after the extension of the organization towards Central and Eastern Europe, a distinct field of European Studies has been established. We have politics and sciences, journals and academies, schools and literature, museums, conservatoires, theaters, we even have a constitution.

Zociologie Romanian society, the process was different from that in Great Britain, where the industry of wool-processing led to the modernization of activities in the agricultural sector and, at the same time, to the exclu- sion of small-scale producers, who were forced away from the land to work in industry.

Here, in contrast to other spaces of culture and civilization, the duration of these kinds of phenomena is much longer.

REVISTA UNIVERSITARA DE SOCIOLOGIE, NO. 1 | Revista Universitară de Sociologie

The capitalist development of Romania has exposed the existence of a very constanin problem: Still, at the level of the European Union its experience with the Romanian state before must have counted in the decision zchifirnet Romania’s acceptance, but in the new context there was a strong necessity of going through certain stages in the preparation of the accession to the European Union. Unlike the West, where, as a result of their economic power, the bourgeoisie won political power as well, in Romania, the state created the political-legal framework, formed mainly by institutions borrowed from Western society, a situation which allowed the bourgeoisie to take the political power and, from here, to own the economic power.


In conclusion, then, during the modern period Romania did not benefit from exploita- tion of the historic chance offered by the reiteration of constajtin economic growth. The Romanian bourgeoisie, being few in number, did not have a strong economic base. On the one hand, the transformation of social and institutional structures of the member states of the EU occurs through the pressure of the European community institutions on the internal policies and decisions of the main actors and, on the other hand the Europeanization takes place at the same time with the deepening of the interdependencies between the European states.

Love J Crafting the Third World: Even though it was politi- cally modern, Romanian society had known many lags, contradictions and discrepancies due to the fact that the state had limited resources and the Romanian social actors did not have sufficient access to external resources. Logically, the national state should protect the majority classes. Continuing to use this site, you agree with this. I start from the premise that the Downloaded from ssi.

The vote for change did not belong to a powerful opposition to the governing party but it has been exercised as a negative reaction towards the governments. From the foundation of the modern Romanian state to the present day, all ideologies highlighted modernity as a dimension of development.

Constantin Schifirneț – Wikipedia

Due to the fact that modernity is merely a tendency, never finalized, the transitions are never finished. In time, with several agreements with EC, the commercial exchanges were facilitated. The agreement on the industrial products stands is a conclusive proof. Due to the fact that modernity is merely a tendency that is never finalized, the transitions are never completed.

The factories and the industrial companies, which transformed the life of the small cities or rural areas, have disappeared. EU was the most influential external factor in this region.