• July 20, 2019

Comswitch – automatic or distinctive ring phone line sharing device, or fax switch. Replaced by the Multi-Link Stick or SR Find great deals for Command Communications ComSwitch 4 Port Line Sharing System. Shop with confidence on eBay!. People who viewed this item also viewed. Used Command Communications ComSwitch 4 Port Line Sharing System ยท Used Command Communications .

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Printers by Rick Broida Dec comewitch, Align the keyholes on the back of the CS with the 2 screws, then push in and press down to secure it to the wall. Retrieving answering machine messages from a remote location return to top. Any repairs or alterations made by the user to this equipment, or equipment malfunctions, may give the telecommunications company cause to request the user to disconnect the equipment.

To disable the Domswitch and retrieve your answering machine messages, follow these steps:. If Call Forwarding is activated, the CS cannot process calls on that line.

ComSwitch 4 port Line Sharing Device – Phone, Answering Machine, Modem, Fax Switch

Fax machine and modem transmissions could be disrupted by the call waiting beep tone. For best results, callers should have your fax number programmed into their fax machine’s “speed-dial” memory. If you send the product directly to Command Communications for repair, you will be responsible to pay all freight, handling, and Custom charges both ways. Logitech confirms it was in talks to acquire Plantronics The Swiss computer accessories comswitxh had been interested in buying the headset and Bluetooth earpiece maker.


To automatically route calls to your fax and computer modem, you must use the phone company’s 700 Ring Service DRS. To connect an answering machine, plug one end of a modular line cord into the TAD port on the CS The CS allows 6 rings to the telephones comswiych it automatically transfers the call to the FAX port. If the answering machine disconnects from the call during this time, the CS automatically transfers the call to the FAX port.

Set your answering machine to answer domswitch 2 rings. During the next four seconds the CS listens for the following signals: Configures ComSwitch to process calls by answering only line one, detecting signals, then ringing to the ports.

Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.

Introduction to the CS return to top. Cpmswitch the CS to operate properly, it must be “in front” of the telephone system.

Some fax machines do not produce fax tones, therefore, when you receive this type of call, press 11 on your tone phone, and then hang up. The CS resets for the next call. This guide is designed to introduce you to the various installation and operational procedures for using the ComSwitch CS The ComSwitch protects voice calls from fax interruption, therefore the fax phone cannot access the line during a voice call.

Do not plug the CS into a telephone system phone jack. Do not over tighten the screws.


The telephone company may make changes in the telephone network. Placing an outbound call return to top.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. The system typically has features like call holding, music on hold, conference calling, and intercom paging. To accommodate these timing parameters, your outgoing message should be no less than 15 seconds, and no longer than 20 seconds comsditch length.

Command Communications ComSwitch 7500 4 Port Line Sharing System

Then the CS will process the call. If a valid code is not received after 1 minute, the CS will disconnect the call. After retrieving your messages, hang up. Comsaitch change this feature perform the following steps: Please read through this guide and select the installation procedures appropriate for your specific application before attempting to connect or comwwitch the CS The CS can be placed on either a flat surface, or mounted comswitdh a wall with the connected telephone line cords above or below the unit.

Mail the above prepaid and insured to the warrantor at: Enclose a copy of the bill of sale or other documentation showing original purchase date. Pack the CS in the original carton or equivalent. You may not have the 4 second silence at the beginning of your answering machine announcement message. Can’t find it here?