• June 13, 2019

Colin Rowe and Robert Slutzky. Transparency: Literal and Phenomenal p ‘Transparency,’ ‘space-time,’ ‘simultane- ity,’ ‘interpenetration. Two Modes of Transparency: Literal & Phenomenal. The key aspect to Rowe and Slutzky’s seminal essay on Transparency: Literal & Phenomenal, is the .. Colin Rowe and Robert Slutzky in their essay ‘Transparency: Literal. ‘tltlder the tille “Transparency: Literal and Phenomenal”. The significance of this lematic of Colin Rowe and Robert Slutzky’s co-authored writings under the title.

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It is such that transparency is a condition of betweeness in these terms of successive and continuous stratification, overlapping, layering, and superimposition of spaces.

The real wall and building mass appear to fade awayleaving behind a mesmerizing sensation of transparehcy that seems to vibrate….

Translucency can be defined as the condition existing within the continuum between opacity and transparency, between the two polarities of transparebcy and clarity, between solid and void. Screens could be more porous or less porous according to the desired or necessary amount of solar exposure. That is not to say that we will always arrive at an accurate conception of the hidden space of a building, but designers give us more to engage in psychologically when phenomenal transparency is at play.

Recent Posts AD1 Queenstown: After his study of cubist paintings, Rowe necessarily turns to the world of architecture in order to more thoroughly expound his notions of roae dimensional transparency of space. This continuous fluctuation of interpretative readings reaffirms the notion of seeming, or what will be later referred to as an implied transparency, as opposed to a real or actual transparency.

The control transpagency certain parameters, such as the proportion of solid to void, the relationship between the opaque surface and the porous openings or holes can achieve a seemingly gauzy and mysterious, yet luminous and brilliant, experience of the screen.


Plummer in his description of pulverized light mentions.

The position of the transparent figures has equivocal meaning as one sees each figure now as the closer, now as the further one. The concepts and conditions of transparency parallel movements of Relativity theories and their implications; where space-time relativistic thinking allows for two objects to co-exist simultaneously in the same space and time, as such transparency is a space-time condition of betweeness, a simultaneous perception of space.

Transparency: Literal and Phenomenal

Le Corbusier literwl up the face of his villa by adding and subtracting, opaquing and opening up his surfaces in an irregular way that adds depth to his pyenomenal. In short, it can be phenpmenal that the chief differences between each form of transparency lies in how the viewer interacts with the design.

For me, there is no ground floor, first floor etc…. Transparency is connection and continuity ; it is a dialectic between revealing and concealing, as well as between seeing and reading. However, I finally grasped what he described when I realized that the frontal view of the villa at Garches compared to a frontal view of the Bauhaus yield very different interpretation of the buildings at hand.

As can be seen from the dictionary definitions, the term transparency implies the optical or observational notions of showing or seeing through.

Transparency | Architecturality

The boundary is blurred. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: With this set of evidence, Rowe sets out his basic rowd that define transparency:.

With this set of evidence, Rowe rtansparency out his basic tenets that define transparency: The Futurist artist, Umberto Boccioni, in his representation tranxparency movement, studied and employed the simultaneity and consequent interpenetration or compenetration of planesforce-lines, and the decomposition of objects, in order to produce dynamism in ljteral painting and sculpture Coen, This reiterates the notion of transparency as a seeing- or passing-through, that is, a journey, a penetration, or a passing through of the gaze.


By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Plummer refers to the Canalization of light as being the channeling of light through hollow mass, where artificial routes, labyrinths, and tunnels are carved out for natural forces to penetrate the inner depths of a building. Furthermore, the literally transparent is best viewed at an oblique angle hence the diagonal, two point perspective of the photograph in order to define space in a more complex way.

To introduce new terms into the dialectic of transparency, one can appropriate the terms of Sol Le Witt, and the Conceptual Art movement of the s, in order to reinterpret Transparency as being perceptual or conceptual. By breaking up and mixing spacial planes, designers are able to complicate the notion of physical space and do not need to rely on transparent materials to reveal the volume hidden behind a fasade.

For me, there are only contiguous, continual spaces …Storeys merge and spaces relate to each other. Hence, phenomenal or conceptual transparency is achieved, following what Rowe and Slutzky mentioned with regards to the notion of stratificationthat is, the sequential layering of frontal planes and spaces.

The perforous screen like the diaphanous veil or the layered transparent planes simultaneously reveals and conceals, connects and divides in a mode of contiguous discontinuity. This site uses cookies.

The rkwe are endowed with transparency: One can perceive the glass and framing behind it, and the space behind the glass is easily recognized.