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Circular Susep nº , del 30 de julio de The Superintendence of Private Insurance (SUSEP) is an autarchy created by the Decree-law #73/66 directly. The Superintendence of Private Insurance (SUSEP) – the body responsible . are based on internal controls set out in SUSEP Circular / by the Insurance SUSEP Circular / and Capitalization Companies, implementation of internal controls SUSEP Circular / systems within the .

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Minimum capital is required to allow re insurers xircular run business in Brazil. Non-compliance What are the consequences of non-compliance with the operating requirements applicable to re insurers?

Austral Resseguradora » Corporate Governance

Changes in Control and Portfolio Transfers. Some actions can be seen in terms of digital platforms, but these are strongly limited by the regulatory authority. If these fail, or if the insured prefers not to request reconsideration, the insured may file suit. Organisational requirements Must re insurers adopt a certain legal structure in order to operate?

Do any other financial requirements apply? As a rule, indemnity can be denied by the insurer based on: In terms of investments, insurers and reinsurers must comply with strict rules set down by the National Monetary Council and the National Private Insurance System, in particular relating to limits on the application of technical reserves and provisions.

For insurers and local reinsurers, the minimum required capital is set by CNSP Resolutions, and comprises:. Establishes transitory rules for the IRB Brasil Re reinsurance and retrocession operations, for the acquisition of reinsurance directly or through brokers, for the acquisition of reinsurance in foreign currency.

  CIDR 195-1 PDF

Due to the various courts spread across brazil, with each governed by a specific administration and with its own volume of work, estimating the duration of an insurance litigation is hard.

Usually, where the insured is notably guilty, a third party can file a claim directly with the insurer circulzr liability insurance. Depending on the severity of the non-compliance, the penalties include warnings, fines, suspension, disqualification and cancellation of the authorisation to operate a business. On the adjusted net equity required from insurance, capitalization and open complementary pension companies, constituted as stock corporations, and other subjects.

Sets up rules and procedures to ciruclar establishment of the technical reserves of local reinsurance companies. As a rule, suits relating to insurance issues are filed before the common civil court and the special civil courts. Accounting rules for insurers, capitalization companies and open private pension entities.

Operating requirements 2499 procedure Which re insurers must obtain authorisation from the regulator before operating on the market and what is the procedure for doing so? Main Rules by Subject. Modifies the Accounting rules for insurers, capitalization companies and open private pension entities.

In reinsurance relationships, coverage is essentially denied in case of: What issues are commonly the subject of insurance litigation? Therefore, since this is a long and slow procedure, the delay affects the right of compensation of the insured or the re insurer.


The conclusion of insurance and reinsurance contracts in Brazil is governed by: Reporting to Supervisors and off-site Monitoring Compulsory Reports.

Compliance Manager

Please contact customerservices lexology. However, moral damages are usually an excluded risk, with the possibility of contracting specific coverage for this type of damage.

Are any other types of financial technology commonly used in the conclusion of re insurance contracts? Are personnel of re insurers subject to any professional qualification requirements?

Publicações Técnicas\Microinsurance in Brazil Research Series – Volume 1 – Pag: 96

Do any particular corporate governance requirements apply to re insurers, including any eligibility criteria for directors and officers? Which government bodies regulate the re insurance industry in your jurisdiction and suaep is the extent of their powers? No specific rules and requirements apply to the business of re insurers.

In addition, some conditions must be fulfilled by those who intend to fill statutory or non-statutory positions in insurers or reinsurers. Login Register Follow on Twitter Search.

Insurers must be incorporated in the form of a corporation and cannot exploit any other branch of commerce or industry. What ongoing regulatory reporting and disclosure requirements apply to re insurers? On alternative pension products which provisions are shield in order to protect the policyholders’ interest.