• June 20, 2019

Carcosa – Warning: For Adults Only! Contains explicit DriveThruRPG: Your One -Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files! The Largest RPG. In addition to making Carcosa look like a grimoire (but not in the gaudy way many RPG books have attempted this in the past), I also found. Ok, fuck it. Let’s do this thing. This is a review of Geoffrey McKinney’s Carcosa, a setting and heavily-modified OSR game published by LotFP.

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I really liked the psionic rules, so I sprinkled a bunch of psi-active artefacts around the rest of my setting, too. I know you seem to rp fanatic about the setting, but it’s pretty clear you don’t know the origin of Carcosa or so I’m guessing and the Hastur mythos.

What this means is that a 5th level fighter might end up having 5d12 hp for one battle, or 5d4 hp for the very next battle; worse still, this rpt that in one encounter our fighter might have 60hp and in the very next battle, for no particular reason, have 5hp.

I’ll be downloading the file that actually works properly. This is given its own chapter; where not every single hex is detailed as before, but rather areas within the map are detailed with their particular encounters and groups. Figured out cool hotspots on the map and planned a potential itinerary around them. Is it possible to buy the hardcover from someplace besides the link given above?

Your comments regarding the psionics are no exaggeration. Ed Dove February 20, at 9: That way, all the page pairs will still display as they do now.


Do like the Psi rules and I’ll try to have substances that temporarily give it as well or allow players to roll a lot for development. I like that perspective. Newer Post Older Farcosa Home. Welding it to other setting stuff, basically, so that the players can get out of Dodge if Carcosa isn’t working for them.

Very little, except to the extent that Carcosa isn’t a setting that explicitly lauds prg alone rewards altruism, honor, or civilization. There is a lot more utility here than meets the eye. What if they want to date elves?

Fuzzy on the details, but basically: I’d say it takes a bit of work to make it fun.

The RPGPundit: RPGPundit Reviews: Carcosa

But of course the problem there is when you take a glimpse of said janitor’s notebook and see just how fucked up his fantasies really are, the feeling shifts from pathos to disgust. Ed Dove February 16, at Changed some lore stuff.

They’re still playing the game.

Even gave dwarves a certain percentage chance of developing ESP, rg it fit the world and dwarves don’t get enough love. The implication is that they’re all totally inhuman and utterly insane.


Newer Post Older Post Home. It’s the place your mid level group visits through a mysterious carclsa perhaps chasing a villain to retrieve some artifact and by the time they return home they say to themselves, “I am so glad we don’t live there. Instead of displaying in page spreads as a default, it has now been changed to display single pages.

Personally, I recommend not taking the setting too straight and playing up the Conan meets He-Man and toning down the porny classic pulp rag elements. Keith February 16, at 3: As a printer myself I will second that the pdf is less than useful both for printing and general use as a pdf.


That ritual that summons Nyarlathotep won’t do you any good after Nyarlathotep is destroyed. Submit a new link.

Carcosa is a game setting for the Dungeons and Dragons and Lamentations of the Flame Princess roleplaying games. That this hope involves unleashing horrifically destructive technologies says a lot. This throws you clear to the other side of the map, to the massive city of the Bonemen.

Carcosa (RPG setting)

But, despite the carclsa that the setting of Carcosa is inspired partly by those sources, actual play in that setting ends up having almost nothing at all to do with them. A really well written review James, the only ‘quibble’ I have outside of personal tastes is that as Aplus states, I think there is a lot more utility there than your rating reflects even for people who don’t want to play Carcosa as rpb main campaign.

In theory, yes, that is what RPGs do, and that carcosw why I appreciate them. If McKinney can really boldfacedly compare Carcosa to Tekumel, it means he’s entirely missed the point of Tekumel or what makes it such a classic. For example, adventurers would probably come to your shop, and they’d probably be making trouble in the tavern for your wife’s old workmates.