• June 18, 2019

Determination of total carbohydrates by anthrone method. Carbohydrates are the important components of storage and structural materials in the plants. Recently, Morse4 and Morris5 have described the use of anthrone for the quantitative estimation of carbohydrates. This method is both quicker and. The precise method of carbohydrate isolation depends on the carbohydrate type, solution as this would cause an underestimation of the carbohydrate content. The Anthrone method is an example of a colorimetric method of determining.

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The monosaccharides and oligosaccharides are soluble in the ethanol solution, while the starch is insoluble. The fructose concentration is then determined by converting the fructose into glucose, estimwtion another specific enzyme, and repeating the above procedure.

Some examples of the use of enzyme methods to determine sugar concentrations in foods are given below: A polarimeter is a device that measures the angle that plane polarized light is rotated on passing through a solution. Bj the other hand, many foods contain carbohydrates that are physically associated or chemically bound to other components, e. Compute the concentration of the sugar in the sample from the calibration curve.

Prior to analysis, the alcohol can be removed from the solutions by evaporation under vacuum so that an aqueous solution of sugars remains.

Monosaccharides and Oligosaccharides 7. Crude fiber measures cellulose and lignin in the sample, but does not determine hemicelluloses, pectins and hydrocolloids, because they are digested by the alkali and acid and are therefore not collected.

The reaction carbohydrzte not stoichemetricwhich means that it is necessary to prepare a calibration curve by carrying out the experiment with a series of standard solutions of known carbohydrate concentration. Estimation of Proteins by Lowry method Colorimetric Analysis: The starch concentration is calculated from the glucose concentration.


The density of a material is its mass divided by its volume. Over the past twenty years or so nutritionists have become aware of the importance of fiber in the diet.

Lignin Lignin is a non-carbohydrate polymer that consists of about 40 aromatic subunits which are covalently linked.

Anthrone react with dextrins, monosaccharides, disaccharides, polysaccharides, starch, gums and glycosides. Carbohydarte a food does contain significant amounts of lignin then another method should be used, e.

Anthrone Method for Determination of Carbohydrate

The two methods most commonly used to determine carbohydrate concentration are: Once all the copper sulfate in solution has reacted, any further addition of reducing sugars causes the indicator to change from blue to white.

The amylose and amylopectin concentrations in a sample can be determined using the same methods as described for starch once the amylose has been separated from the amylopectin.

Immunoassays Immuoassays estimatoin finding increasing use in the food industry for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of food products. It is used routinely in industry to determine sugar concentrations of syrups, honey, molasses, tomato products and jams.

The type and extent of these associations determines the characteristic textural properties of many edible plant materials.


By carrying out measurements at a number of different specific wavelengths it is possible to simultaneously determine the concentration of carbohydrates, proteins, moisture and lipids. The soluble components can be separated from the insoluble components by filtering the boiled solution estimatoin collecting the filtrate the part which passes through the filter and the retentante the part retained by the filter.


Methods of Analysis A large number of analytical techniques have been developed to measure the total concentration and type of carbohydrates present in foods see Food Analysis by Nielssen or Food Analysis by Pomeranz and Meloan for more details. Infrared A material absorbs infrared due to vibration or rotation of molecular groups.

This method is quick and simple to carry out and can be performed with simple hand-held instruments. Enzymes are then added to carbohdyrate the starch and proteins.

Determination of Carbohydrate by Anthrone Method

Polysaccharides can be classified according to their molecular characteristics e. The Munson and Walker method is an example of a gravimetric method of determining the concentration anhrone reducing sugars in a sample.

By using a combination of a positively and a negatively charged column it is possible to remove most charged contaminants.

Many monosaccharides and oligosaccharides are polar non-charged molecules and can therefore be separated from charged molecules by passing samples through ion-exchange columns.

Measurements are normally carried out by measuring the intensity of an infrared wave reflected from the surface of a sample: Consumption of many types of dietary fiber has been shown to have beneficial physiologically functional properties for humans, e. The food sample to be analyzed is therefore dried, ground to a fine powder and then the lipids are removed by solvent extraction.