• June 19, 2019

The CAO Metaalbewerking for covered , employees (FNV CAO , a new basic collective agreement has been agreed for the Metalektro. In this case, the Dutch annual report for will prevail. The collective labour agreement (CAO) specified Metalektro (PME). Maarten van Klaveren and Kea Tijdens. AIAS Publication Series. No. Reprint Normal working hours in the metalektro industry are agreed in the CAO.

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Work experience, apprenticeships, and target groups in the metal industry 20 4. Bargaining in the large metal industry in mmetalektro s witnessed a clear shift from distributive to integrative elements. Promotion of mobility within enterprise, within sector, outside sector 15 3.

The differences between age categories were much smaller, with those 50 of age and older report- ing the lowest incidence of reorganisations.

Table 6 next page reveals that in the working hours regime changed from working hours per week to an annualised regime, based on and counting in hours worked per year. Formally, there has become more leeway for companies to follow own policies in this respect, but in the last few years working time issues do not seem to have been prominent on the bargaining agenda, other than in linked up with the governmental metalektrk unemployment scheme.

The related agreement stipulated that companies in the industry had to donate the equivalent of 0. Mets en Schilt Nordbeck, H. Philips Electronics in 14, employed in the Netherlands and Tata Steel from Corus Steel, before Hoogovens; in 9, employed in the Netherlands have continuousl;y had separate company CAOs, originating in respectively and the early s.

Cai arrangements in the metal industry 18 4. The two earlier periods covered two years. It made the connection with their salaries from on more logical, though union negotiators explained that in it did not lead to a de facto wage decrease.


The lowering of the lowest scale in the CAO has been carried out in preparation of the abolishment of the youth wage scales for notably the and year-aged, which was expected to be negotiated in the bargaining round and indeed was: Explanation year year 8 In the Dutch scheme, companies were obliged to provide their employees training during the hours not worked and financed by the government.

Tijdens eds Bargaining issues in Europe: Bargaining vao extension arrangements The CAO states that all employees, regardless their job level, can ask for shorter working hours and that there is no minimum with regard to the number of hours worked.

De doorwerking van aanbevelingen van de Stichting van de Arbeid. Only in the CAO, a specific target had been men- metaalektro, namely the yearly provision of apprenticeships in the industry.

In the social partners agreed on a temporary arrangement concerning stimulating training and apprentice workplaces during and As such, the level in the Dutch industrial relations on which the agreement has been agreed upon has not been subject to ei- ther centralisation or decentralisation. Het NVV tussen loonpolitiek en loonstrijd However, changes in the metwlektro framework and the funding of child care in the Netherlands in made this clause superfluous and in it was subsequently metalektrl.

In practice also this kind of decentralisation remains limited. The CAO states that firms should make arrange- ments concerning careering, training, and education not related to specific jobs. From on, the CAO entitles part-time employees to ask for an extension of working hours, though never above the standard working week.

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Time banking schedules in the metal industry 17 3. Part-time work in the metal industry 17 3. Inemployment grew, followed by a decrease in and a dramatic fall of 20, in In recent years it even seems that on the union side in the manufacturing industry the small metal industry CAO has taken over a vanguard role. Subsequently, the unions and the staff representation mostly the Works Council have to be involved in talks about which measures should be taken within which time frame, with the goal to avoid forced lay-offs.


The wage increase is 4.

AIAS research focuses cuses on the analysis of labou labour markets, socso ocial security ity and a governance. The original document can be downloaded at www.

Only to metaelktro limited extent the unions succeeded in giving this clauses a compulsory character through promoting them to an A-status, as has been metalekrro case with the issue of employment guarantees. Companies that met the size yardstick, by then had the choice which CAO to apply, and a considerable num- ber metalekktro these relatively large companies preferred application of the CAO Metaalbewerking.

Tijdens Dicht de loonkloof!! Collective bargaining in the Dutch metal and electrical engineering industry. Yet, this initiative dates already from In addition not in Table 11the CAO 0211 employees to ask for reimbursement of study costs and days off for study, though the final decision about the reimbursement is with the employer and the days off are set at maximum two a year.

Table 12 next page gives the overview. Yet, an apprenticeship employment agreement as agreed in to be offered for an indefinite period to apprentice-employees that successfully completed their training was judged counter-productive in by the social partners, and therefore not prolonged.

Crisis-induced measures to ensure business survival