• June 17, 2019

Canyons of Night. Jayne Ann Krentz writing as Jayne Castle. Jove, $ mass market (p) ISBN Growing up on Rainshadow, Charlotte Enright knew better than to ever go into the Preserve, until that one fateful night with Slade Attridge — a night neither of. Jayne Ann Krentz, who also writes historical and futuristic fiction under the pseudonyms Amanda Quick and Jayne Castle respectively, has.

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When a mysterious priest hires him for the most daring ruse yet, Ardor knows he’ll need more than quick wit and sleight of hand. Jayne Ann Krentz and her various pseudonyms used to be an autobuy canyoms me – however, the only books of hers I regularly read nowadays are the Jayne Castle ones.

Slade Attridge has returned to Jaune to be the new chief of police. Particularly I like the characters of Charlotte and Slade, along with the dust bunny Rex.

One who’s set to prove she’s better than the self-proclaimed ‘Ruse Artist Extraordinaire”If Ard can’t find the heir then his world may again approach ruin. Open Preview See a Problem? So, Canyons of Night was pleasant enough, if not all that satisfying, and I’ll likely read the next one and hope for a bit more ghost hunter action the next time ’round.

Canyons of Night Looking Glass Trilogy, 3, The Arcane Society, 12, Harmony, 8 by Jayne Castle is a spin-off from Harmony and is set in Rainshadow Island, home to a mysterious Reserve where people who don’t fit in with society can live a quiet and safe life. These two met as teenagers and she had a major crush on him and now are meeting 15 years later. It is an instant literary classic’ Fantasy Book ReviewThomas Senlin and his crew have been seperated following the orders of the mysterious Sphinx.


Their only chance rests with a colonel of engineers – a despised outsider, a genius, a master of military and political strategy with the wrong colour skin. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Each one of the trilogies are under a different name. Put simply, you need to read this.

I loved him and his clutch purse. View all 6 comments. He provided the needed comic relief. While the older novels may have a similar number of pages, the font is noticeably smaller and there is less space between lines, yielding more text and therefore allowing for more development of vy and plot.

Canyons of Night

Enjoyable and pleasantly re-readable. The Druid Drisker Arc has freed both himself and Paranor from exile. As in her other books, the mystery is tidily resolved, but in this particular novel I could spot the villain a mile off, which was somewhat disappointing. Jayne Ann Krentz Goodreads Author.

However, the answers to the mystery of the Preserves is clearly intended for a future book. Although almost all JAK books immediately rate five stars with me, I felt this one was somewhat tepid and not as fast-paced as her other books, but what is probably really happening is that I haven’t quite got a handle on the Rainshadow Island thing yet. Always love reading her books, one of my top comfort authors.

Canyons of Night by Jayne Castle

So at the end of the day your calorie count is the same or above, but you haven’t really eaten that well. I liked how well she puts up with that and how she takes caetle joy in bringing the perfect gifts to the people in her life.

Vy would be hard pressed to recall the differences between them without refreshing my memory by reading a synopsis. Included are the jayme dust bunny and unusual psi powers, but after numerous books, these no longer seem fresh or imaginative. However, I normally think less of the Jayne Castle books. Do not get me wrong–the formula works, but it has gone stale. I love the dust bunny’s in her stories and Rex was definitely no exception, he was such a character and a lot more feral than the other dust bunnies we’ve seen.


This is the 3rd book in the Looking Glass trilogy, and the 12th and final book in the Arcane Society series. Artistic dept seemed to have a butt fetish or something. The explosive second book in an action-packed epic fantasy series set in a world with dragon-fuelled magic. Jul 16, Dee Sauter rated it really liked it Shelves: The trope of meeting your teenage crush later in life works for me.

Having said that, I liked how Slade and Charlotte had a bit of a history, the chemistry between the two, and the small-town atmosphere. I don’t know who the girl on the cover of this book is supposed to be, because it in no way is the heroine of the book. There’s a lot to be said for re-reading books, especially Krentz books.

The way I see it, this author plus all the people who got this book ready for the market put in a lot of time, effort, and hard work. Slade, with his talent of recognizing paranormal committed crimes moved up the professional ladder to the group, a special department within the FBPI.

If you haven’t read the others, I don’t think you should start here as some of it could be confusing if you didn’t know the world. Charlotte Enright owns the local antique store on Rainshadow Island and uses her psychic gifts to enchance the items for specific cast,e. I think it only really bothered me because I f 2.