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Thom Hogan’s Complete Guide to the Nikon D camera. byThom supports use of the PDF file on Windows computers, Macintosh computers, Apple iPads. How to Order the Nikon D Guide. Please Read Carefully. 12/10/ Orders to the US are shipped Priority Mail, while orders to all other countries are . Latest byThom eBooks! Complete Nikon Guides. For the past 17 years, byThom Press has provided quality ebooks on Nikon D Guide.

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What Does the Canon 70D Mean? When I say Dlike, I mean Dlike. China Nikon financial info Where are Nikon’s factories? The performance up to and including ISO is pretty awesome for a DX body —on par with the D, and definitely better than my D Overall, I’d have to say that Nikon didn’t quite nail it.

Why do you seem to be so negative about teleconverters? For 17 years, byThom has provided the best books on Nikon cameras, with the most detail and clarity you’ll find. We’ve also byyhom two programmable buttons, though the options of what you can set are slightly limited from what you find on the DSLRs.

The menu system is pretty nicely simplified from the DSLR menus.

If they were really going the high-end route for their compact large sensor cameras, they missed too many things, I think. Walking in the Delta What’s the difference between all the 50mm lenses?


What ND filter do I use to slow down water movement?

Nikon D7000 Review @ byThom

I don’t like to be constrained—indeed, I often move in very close to subjects—so I like 28mm better than 35mm, 35mm better than 50mm. How do I stack teleconverters? Jul 31, at 2: What’s with the dispose of in 10 years symbol on my camera’s label? Herd Behavior Day Why shouldn’t I just bthom shoot in Program mode? What Good is Nikon Message Center? On the other hand, if you’re just trying to copy your smartphone with a far better lens and sensor, 35mm bytho have been a better choice.

At the Speed of Africa Day 7: Why aren’t my images level? First Full Drive 4. What Does the Canon 70D Mean? Why does my mm not seem like it gets to mm? Sidebar [Skip] Web Search dslrbodies. Does using the built-in sensor cleaning remove hot pixels? I heard that gamma rays will hurt pixels in the sensor.

Moving to Khwai Btyhom I keep the white card out when I bounce flash?

Nikon D Review @ byThom | Photoxels

Does photographing laser light bythoom damage a sensor? The Info button is on the right, but it’s one of the ways to quickly change settings. Why can’t I find your works in the Kindle Nook store? Sony has the RX-1 and RX, which reflect two different approaches x7000 both are very strong performers for their intended use. How many lenses has Nikon made? You may also like. Reproduction in whole or part in any form or medium without specific written permission is prohibited.


Only recently had I started shooting my kids playing rugby and soccer. How Much is a Nikon D Worth?

The Soap Opera Continues Wrap-up c7000 Hyde What Did I Miss? There’s no reason it won’t work on smartphones or other tablets, but we don’t have the resources to check and support every instance of every PDF reader in existence.

Why shouldn’t I just always shoot in Program mode? Too Little, Too Late? What type of photography would require a 50mm lens? Goodbye Landscapes, Hello Animals Day 8: Other byThom Sites What’s New: It should be up higher on the front alongside the lens, I think under the middle finger position while shooting. Which VR Nikkors detect when they’re on a tripod?

What’s with the dispose of in 10 years symbol on my camera’s label? What does tested toshutter actuations mean? Overall, most of the handling issues are pretty much what you’d expect when you try to take DSLR-type options and reduce them to a meaningful and useful set on a very small camera body big shirt pocketable.