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Bunyoro: Bunyoro, East African kingdom that flourished from the 16th to the 19th century west of Lake Victoria, in present-day Uganda. Bunyoro was established. Court dismisses case against Bunyoro’s premier “I did not drag the king or kingdom to court. I filed a suit against Andrew Byakutaga because he is in that office. The Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara is the remainder of a once powerful empire of Kitara. At the hight of its glory, the empire included present day Masindi, Hoima.

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It was this sort of origin which determined the relationships between them and Bunyoro-Kitara, which in this case was considered the parent house of the royal families. Kingeom Kingdom has a variety of attractions which include: Apart from the historical bonds, friendly relationships between Bunyoro and her neighbours flourished because of the trade which was profitable to all kihgdom involved. The movements of the Palwo and those vunyoro early Luo communities, which the Bito and Palwo had left in northern Uganda, preceded a pace with those of the Ateker people.

After the burial the family would cut some of their hair off kintdom put it onto the grave. They proceeded towards Buruli and reached Pawir Chope for Bantu. Nairobi – London In case the dead was the head of the household, a mixture of grain called ensigosigo was put in his hand, and his children had to take a small part of the grain and eat it — thus passing on his magical powers.

Nyakoka is said to have advised Mpuga to make a drum which was to be used for summoning the people and which could also be kngdom to let the Babiito know each other’s whereabouts. Rt Hon Andrew Byakutaga ye terday repre ented Bunyoro at the 4th coronation anniver ary. The names were often related to specific features on the child, special circumstances around the birth of the child or as a way to honor a former family member.

It has got a growth rate of 6. This argument does not hold, since national considerations were often of more importance than common ancestry of the rulers. Thus by the mid-nineteenth century Bunyoro also known as Unyoro at the time was a far smaller state, though it was still wealthy due to the income generated from controlling the lucrative trade routes over Lake Victoria and linking to the coast of the Indian Ocean.

The relationship between Bunyoro and these communities did not in away imply subordination, though Bunyoro was far larger and a more powerful kingdom. Please try again later. Not wishing to take any chances, they cut open the baby, removed the bead and reluctantly threw it into the Lake. It is claimed that Kabalega used a Langi contingent in the succession war which caused the death of Kabigumire in The training which Rukidi Mpuga had to undergo in order to understand the Cwezi’s kingly rituals, shows that, the Bacwezi culture was superior compared to the much less sophisticated culture of the Luo new comers.


The following rites are only for heads of family: In alliance with BugandaKing Kabarega of Bunyoro resisted the efforts of Great Britain, aiming to take control of the kingdom.

The economic potential in the region is very large, with the Kibiro saltworksand the possibility of large deposits of oil, gas, iron ore and precious stones.

It is recorded that after his coronation, Rukidi transferred his capital from Bwera Buddu to Bugangaizi. The Langi used to refer to Omukama Kabalega as Nyangatunu meaning the king of kings.

Healthy young men were conscripted to join the British forces in World War I robbing the Kingdom of vital labour to produce food. The kingdom continued to expand under bunnyoro priest-kings until aboutwhen it started to lose territory to its neighbour, Buganda.

The town of Baranywa and Mugabi hills were depopulated by a garrison stationed at it and are wild country to this very day.

Bunyoro ministers visit kingdom’s former territories in Tanzania

Kabalega tried in vain to make friends with them. The new concepts in particular were the idea of hereditary kingship associated with the royal drum, and other items of regalia such as spears, stools, skins etc.

Masindi District The economy of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom thrives on a number of economic activities, prominent among which is large scale commercial farming in tobacco, sugarcane, tea, cereals like maize, rice and ranching. They had become so strong to withstand and supersede other drives of sectional aggrandizement or aggression. This monopoly over the ivory trade to protect his subject annoyed Baker.

Kitara Kings long performed these rites for other Kings of Kooki. A man called Ruzika built Karuzika house named after him. When God and the Mukama came to observe the pots, the eldest son was named after the peasants who are not fit for cattle herding since he had no milk left.

This is another lie told to give a human face to injustice penetrated when large parts of this country were made conservation areas. In Acholi the same names are still found and are called “Pak” meaning “praise”. He was the thirteenth Bunyoro Prime Minister.


His wife he said had given birth and there was nothing for the mother and child to eat. He rumours that reached the secretary for Foreign Affairs. Because of its remoteness, Bwohe declared it an independent Kingdom and soon bunhoro to send out expeditions to Kiziba to attack the rulers of that country – his fellow Babiito the grand children of Kibi, although Kooki had broken away from the Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara, it retained one custom of sending a message to the King.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Nyakatura and Mrs. Many marriages did not last hunyoro it was quite common to be divorced.

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Some other accounts reveal that Bunyoro did not go to war with her northern neighbours due to the fact that, she used to get soothsayers from the north of the Nile and as a consequence, held these people in ardent respect for their strong divination.

Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed. Rukidi’s royal dancer was called the Nzini, whose name was Nyakwehuta of the Bayaga clan. World War I, an international conflict that in —18 embroiled most of the nations of Europe along…. In [7] the Kingdom was re-established and in the new constitution of Uganda was made, allowing and recognizing, the Kingdoms.

All of you and all the various ethnic groups from different countries gathered here must obey him and must always feel free to come to him whenever you are in trouble or in sorrow, he will help you.

Bunyoro Kingdom

The Bafumu diviners from there concluded that the Lake had chosen its victim and that bad luck would befall the Babiito if they refused to sacrifice the baby.

He bunyorro the name Kimera, signifying a branch, which having dropped from the parent tree, grows into another tree. This was specifically achieved with groups such as Bakwonga, Bacwezi and Bayago. Whoever had all their milk still in the pot by morning would be king.

Southwards, there was Bwera, another tributory state which was under the Mori Bamwoli sub-dynasty. The classification is primarily linguistic, for the cultural patterns of Bantu speakers are extremely diverse; the linguistic…. A few months after birth, the baby would be given a name.