• August 21, 2019

Photos published by Birzieciu Zodis. In the last few years I’ve been photographing the Strongest Man Competition for couple of newspapers in. BIRŽIEČIŲ ŽODIS, UAB laikraštis (Vytauto g. 18, BIRŽAI) – update information. Phone, + Fax, + E-mail, [email protected] Internet address, Company management. Turnover, LTL /.

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Classes are also held these days in a public youth space which is in J. Participants also checked their knowledge with a thorough classic transportation equipment quiz.

The first floor will be devoted to the kitchen, dining room and exercise rotoms. Later everyone realized that one mug of beer is too few, but two is too many! So many questions about the automobiles.


Here, the cars from tow trucks are being almost carried down. Children spends time here: For the beautiful sound and lights we must say thanks to Dainius Nagele and for the main hirzieciu we want to thank Vytautas Kersulis. They zodls learned how to sing Birzai songs.

Those with the taste of mainstream music were not bored as well; they were being engaged by Irma Jurgeleviciute and her singing. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Later the guide introduced all participants to the history of Birzai and showed the beautiful man-made lake which happens to be the oldest man-made lake in Lithuania and was made in the year by rerouting Apascia and Agluona rivers.

So without the sponsors, the club would have it very hard. The younger drivers react to the police officer with a smile, to them it is egzotic. According to the plan, it was time to move to Kernave. After witnessing the beautify birzirciu the park and the palace, the line of cars headed to the centre of Birzai — the independence square which contains the memorial site from for all the brave men and woman who fought for the independence of Lithuania.


Good luck to you! The new centre together with the open youth space will be the safe place where young people can spend their time. For the oldest car, the zodos went to Dalius Linkevicius who brought a Mercedes Benz fire truck.

The gym with training biezieciu will be established in the basement of the building, which remiscents XVII ct. Musical instruments, projector, computer are bought. We also thank from the bottom of our hearts those who decided to sponsor but preferred to stay anonymous. We hope that next time everything will go just bidzieciu planned.

Check the appropriate box below if the Form 8-K filing is ownership disclosure provisions by failing to identify in his Schedule 13D filings his beneficial ownership of Biovail shares held by zodia trusts he settled in the Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc. Gvidonas sets the speed of the parade driving his Ford T. It was set out in the following topics: The final stages of outside work of a future day care center with an open space for youth, and busy season inside.

The gym which is in the basement is equipped with sports equipment simulators. There were individual and group interviews with 30 families — a total of 24 sessions which were attended by about 70 parents.

Vidugiris tries to control the parade, when stopped at an intersection. The president of the club, Egidijus, is lining up the vehicles again.

Jukonis, Youth affairs council representative A. It is very pleasant to see that the owners of classic vehicles not only prepare their equipment for the show and the parade, birzieciu zodis also to get in the role by dressing up to their particular year that their automobile or motorcycle is from.

Taip pat buvo rengiami mokymai jaunimui ir vaikams. The main prize from the sponsors was won by the viewers favorite Moskvich whose owner is Robertas Tamulevicius from Vilnius, bizieciu decorated his car with old luggage on the roof rack.


Even the signs for the parade participants to birzeiciu exactly what street to follow, so that they did not get lost. Five cars for the parade are are being put on tow trucks by Dalius Linkevicius: Finally we reached Kernave. Participants also checked their knowledge with a thorough classic transportation equipment quiz.

And There Went by our Unforgettable Event…

Social services for young families, children and youth will be expanded. The third floor has two rooms with necessary furniture; one of the rooms is planned to advise young people with problems individually; another — to provide temporary accommodation in case of crisis. Work is progressing on schedule, the painting of the building facade is finished, windows and doors are changed. A very grateful thank you we say to the president of the club Egidijus for the constant caring of us.

The owner of this extraordinary vehicle is Ricardas Rajuncius from a neighboring town — Panevezys.

Biržiečių žodis, UAB

This was a beautiful day of August 7 th The furniture, consumer electronics and computer hardware, birrzieciu and game equipment and music and art education instruments will be bought. Jonathan cahn books pdf. They also learned how to sing Birzai songs. The support for the Project from European Economic Area financial mechanism wasThe Trees Stood Still: Hp lovecraft bestiario pdf writer.

Even the advertisements were placed around the city to remind zdois of the event on every electric post, intersection, and bulletin board. The new centre together with the open youth space will be the safe place where young people can spend their time.