• June 16, 2019

BioDoc-It2 with its streamlined all-in-one design enables researchers to easily capture high resolution, publication-quality gel images with the touch of the. BioDoc-It and VisiDoc-It Imaging Systems. 2. System Introduction. BioDoc-Itâ„¢ Imaging System. The BioDoc-It Imaging System enables simple documentation of . A review of the BioDoc-It with Fluor Cam from UVP. Unbiased reviews by scientists available at

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See the Technical Support section of this manual for contact information. Customer service will contact you with an order confirmation.

WPI Laser Cutter User Guide The laser cutter is capable of cutting and engraving two-dimensional drawings in various materials including wood and plastic.

Gel Documentation System BioDoc-It2

For easy access to the stylus when operating the system, remove the tape from the back of the stylus holder and adhere it to the BioDoc-It. Description Technical Data Downloads Bioddoc-it Inquiry The simple design is excellent for multiple user laboratories BioDoc-It Systems are biodoc-ti available in two different configurations – select your choice of camera and door design.

Viewing Images It is not possible to view saved images on the software screen.

  ASTM D3966 81 PDF

The glass is UV blocking while providing a clear, UV-safe view to the transilluminator surface for visibility of samples. The step up ring and diopter will only fit one way.

The series will meet your business needs whether your More 20. Recheck the main power cord connection to the BioDoc-It darkroom as well as the power cables between the 2220 and transilluminator. Insert and tighten the black thumb screw and washer in the central hole in the camera to secure the camera to the bracket. Creator Start-up Guide www. Ensure that the system is turned OFF and is unplugged from its power source during cleaning.

Multiple slate users can write at. Failure to do so could damage your equipment and void its warranty.

Gel Documentation Machine

Any camera that is Windows compatible or provides More information. Digital Photo Picture Frame. The series will meet your business needs whether your. We are currently working diligently to update our website pricing information for the New Year. If you’d like the most current information sooner, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email or give us a call and we’d be happy to assist. A NOTE indicates important information that helps.

Sopachem Life Sciences BioDoc-It Bio-imaging System – Sopachem Life Sciences

The filter allows visualization of fluorophores from nm, targeting the EtBr emission peak of nm. If this order did not include a thermal printer, move on to the next section. Turn the time stamp on or off.


Be it by offering the best service or by introducing innovative technologies that will in blodoc-it end help boidoc-it advance their scientific work. The location is selected in the PREF screen. For new and upcoming players, the investments are too high and the local barriers too complex.

The best lab standard. The cover is held in the closed position by two small magnets built into the UV-safe glass.

biodoc it pdf file

A flat-head screwdriver will be required. What’s in the box?

Now that the focus might have shifted to other continents, the cost of local affiliates weigh heavily on their organizations. Any camera that is Windows compatible or provides. Compaq Presario Desktop Products. Otherwise, to set up the printer: These limits are designed.