• August 1, 2019

EURORACK PRO RX Professional Multi-Purpose Input Ultra-Low Noise Line Mixer. Extremely flexible multi-purpose sub-mixer, multi-track monitoring. Get the guaranteed best price on Unpowered Mixers like the Behringer Eurorack Pro RX Line Mixer at Musician’s Friend. Get a low price and free shipping. Professional multi-purpose input ultra low-noise line mixer s Extremely .. The BEHRINGER EURORACK PRO RX requires one height unit (1 HU) for .

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No matter what your audio mixing needs, the RX will take your talent to the next level at an ultra-affordable price eurorackk that will simply amaze you! The gain switches in the back are very helpful when controlling mic input to boost it. This works especially well for my work-flow doing atmospherical-ambient, utilizing any effects internally on individual synths, rather than across summed output.

I put the mixer right under my monitor stand and labeled all the inputs. I’m mixing signals from 4 or 5 synths into my audio interface only 2 inputs and this box does exactly what I need it to do. Amazing Versatility and Value. But as a keyboard player I don’t need it. Have had really good experiences with handful of Behringer products over time and this mixer takes up very little space and no wall-wort!

Each dual-input channel features individual Balance and Level controls, plus an illuminated, double-function Mute button with a built-in Clip LED to help you set the optimal signal level.


The fine-tuning of volume gets done in the DAW anyway. All the knobs are detented. If you are currently plugging in decks, amplifiers, microphones you owe it to yourself to pick this up and throw it into an all in one rack. Please try again later or contact the administrator.

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Setup for gigs takes half the time since everything is wired and ready to go. This may be industry norm. I would prefer pots with a smooth sweep, but it’s not a deal-breaker. The unit allows me to keep everything tidy in the behringwr.

This product doesn’t have fancy features compared to higher end brands, such as effects outs and loops. The discussion on output connections should have described how to connect the output to devices with balanced inputs. Excellent value and product. Also, if you are using mostly mono outputs from keyboards, it’s obviously then 16 channels. If the knobs had lune better feel to them this would be a 5 star review.

I don’t doubt that if my sources were all balanced audio it would have been much cleaner. This is the second mixer I have purchased from Behringer and both of them work well for the value. This unit is metal and seems to be a good build. Well, I would give it a five but I don’t know if anything is perfect. The unit though is well worth the price.


It has a simple and logical layout. Also if you use use it as a sub mixer into eurorrack main board that lets say has eight Mike channels and one stereo input Then you will not need to use up all of your Mike channels for the line input duties on his is a solid feeling unt at a good price. The only reason it is 4 instead of 5 is because at high volumes there was a bit of noise.


Amazing Versatility and Value No matter what your audio mixing needs, the RX will take your talent to the next level at an ultra-affordable price — that will simply amaze you! I found that a lot of people discourage purchasing Behringer products but being someone who has dealt in electronics for nearly 3 decades I know better.

The 16 high-headroom Inputs 8 stereo or 16 mono can be used for individual line-level instruments or component outputs. Probably not the intended use, but a good product For work I often have 5 or more computers running in my office doing various tasks and testing.

behringfr I’ve seen vids of multiple keyboards set up like Hammond, digital piano, synths and moogs where the keyboardist has a line mixer to clean up his sound. I decided to try a line mixer out and use only one pair of speakers. Very easy to control 4 mics and the main output.