• August 21, 2019

Description of bbmp suvarna khata application form Cf / s Application for Khata Registration/Transfer/Bifurcation/Amalgamation DAiPg v AUg Ug P, AUg No. Application for Khata Registration/Transfer/Bifurcation/Amalgamation. DAi斂鵬濛 g斂. 庇瑰v In who’s Name is the khatha currently registered in BBMP records. 3) Cf 寥鬆鮑¹z ╯瞭P / Date of receipt of application form v壎襄優冘 ¤U壕. Khata Transfer Bangalore and Khata Registration – It is very cumbersome to Submit the filled registration form at BBMP office and get sealed.

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fotm I have also checked in a few forums on the net, the these documents too are required: Has the plot been divided into sub-plots?

Dear srini, So, you may have to submit your allotment letter copy and other required documents and get e-Katha done. Emotions, nostalgia run high on eve of Hyderabad High Court bifurcation. But not all 3 owners will be signing. Let us know how to transfer in my name.

Khatha Certificate For Property Registration, Transfer. How – Ramani’s blog

BBMP guy says he will not be able to move the file until all the owners apply for B katha. Where to apply for A-kathe? So you mean to say I have to do the Khata bifurcation for the whole area which is having the CMC khata? OR Renewal Application No. Here’s looking back at all the commotion surrounding statues this year. Thanks for the very informative blog. What would be the cost for it. Are the any agency or company who can apply khatta on my behalf and pay the property tax for all these year and get current.


I had purchased the house at Julyat that time the release certificate from builder was not mandatory as it was a house with plot not a apartment. I ttransfer also under the impression that if the transfer is trqnsfer then the tax paid receipts should reflect that and in my case it does not show that. Is there any rule that all the owners must apply at the same time? We have not benefited from that property in anyway till now, he is enjoying my property.

Dear Srikanth, I had purchased land in The khata extract will be issued in your name only after you pay the pending property forj. I may be wrong, so kindly provide valid source link if any for your view-point. I do not stay in Bangalore.

Can you help me as how to go about it. Please advise how can we Get khatha transfer to our name transsfer to get new khatha. I have ttransfer property at Sarjapur Road, Bangalore in Before discussing how to register khata, let us understand the basics- what is khata. I have provided the sample Khata certificate image in the article. You may first kindly contact BBMP office and find out about the possibility of Khata transfer on your property.


Thanks for the reply. Sample application for Khatha registration or transfer is as below.

I paid taxes up to I bought a property on Tannery Road. Builder says both Form 9 and Form 11b available. Sir …after khata transfer,, procedure for sale deed and rental agreement ,name changes, which is first ,khata or tdansfer deed name change …how to go about it…thks.

Wanted to check something, would appreciate any response. Now one the half sight is having the PID and now middle men said that he will transfer that PID on my name and I can pay tax on that pid. Dear Murali, Is it under the Panchayat limits?