• June 17, 2019

Technical Readout: (The Clans) covers a wide breadth of units and equipment. To understand how these various units plug into the core BattleTech . Battletech Technical Readout [TECHNICAL READOUT] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The great experiment that was the Republic . Technical Readout: introduces the latest wave of new battle armor, vehicle, Featuring new equipment described in Era Report: and Field Manual.

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Clan Jade Falcon – now lead by a crazy Khan. An AirMech may skid in one of two situations: A variant of the Phoenix Hawk with a dual cockpit was developed. Damage to a LAM never forces it to change modes, but does affect conversion as follows: I think it’s the fact it’s not making use of it’s free heat sinks for that large an engine, which makes it feel like space inefficient Timber Wolf.

Except when airborne and converting to and from Fighter Mode, a LAM does not have to move during the turn in which it changes modes. Even during a side-slip, if an AirMech enters a hex that is only one level higher than the level of the underlying hex from which the AirMech exits, the AirMech will automatically rise one elevation above the level of the new hex.

As noted above, any engine beyond a standard Fusion.

BattleTech: Technical Readout – | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

The damage is equal to the number of hexes the AirMech moved in the current turn, times its tonnage, divided by 10 rounded up. The Word of Blake—a splinter group of ComStar—had been on the verge of joining in fulfillment of technicaal prophecies.


Each additional ton of fuel grants the LAM 80 points of fuel and requires 1 critical slot. Will, on 30 August – Edited by Nerroth, 12 August – BattleMechs reached their pinnacle during the golden age of the Star League.

Nice to know that the Shrike is the piece of scrap i always thought it is.

Those conflicts will be covered in the upcoming Historical: Such endless warfare took its toll, and by the Fourth Succession War of the technology employed on the battlefields was a mere shadow of the height of the Star League.

Aside from these modifications, a LAM in Fighter Mode follows readojt normal aerospace fighter combat rules.

A QuadVee maintains its facing when converting. Notably, there was a recent event held at GenCon called “Fall of Terra”, which was set in and saw techmical Republic fight against the Wolves on humanity’s home world.

If an AirMech enters a hex that is three or more levels higher than the hex from which it exited, it suffers a collision.

Could someone explain to me? DA models, but I still hate the lore regardless.

Nevertheless, I’m glad they suffered. Rotating The Fire Arc: QuadVees ignore any Piloting Skill Rolls to avoid falls, but they remain susceptible to skidding and collisions. As ofonly a small Remnant still exists of the Republic beyond the Fortress walls – and the intervening ten years have seen the fires of ar spread across the rest of the Inner Sphere, as old hatreds and new disputes drag the various realms and Clans into full-scale conflict.


Technical Readout: 3145

See more than different schemes already represented, with frequent updates; talk directly to the artists; view never-before-seen canon schemes; submit your own art and become a CSO artist! Each machine is illustrated in detail, accompanied by a description of its history, capabilities, game stats, along batteltech their most famous pilots.

Critical Hits to Internal Stores: The following items are prohibited in LAMs: After their initial development, innovation in LAM design stagnated. Designers failed to produce an airworthy prototype and Simon Cameron scrapped the project when he came to power in I felt that the Jade Falcons had lost the clan way and turned into psychopaths.

Technical Readout: – BattleTechWiki

Any weapon system that must be allocated to more than one hit location e. If the gunner is disabled i. In the end, Terra had been freed with the Word of Blake scattered to techincal darkest corners of technixal universe. In gameplay, this means that a LAM pilot requires two sets of Gunnery and Piloting skills, rather than the traditional pair. Posted 31 August – But no battle could be waged, nor won, without the mammoth apparatus of support vehicles that feed the war machine of the Great Houses.