• June 15, 2019

Muslims defeated a Roman army at Yarmuk, in Syria, in The Battle of Yarmuk is now little remembered, but its outcome forever changed. The collapse of Byzantium’s military position in the near-east was sealed by the Battle of Yarmuk (also spelled Yarmouk) in AD Indeed, it is no exaggeration . The Battle of Yarmuk, fought in AD, was the turning point in Arab history that put a stop to any future Muslim attempt to expand into Europe. Fought between.

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However, if you have any suggestions for battles outside Saladin and Lf, please let me know. Here again, under simultaneous attacks from the front and flanks, the Byzantines fell back, but more slowly because they had to maintain their formation.

Battle of Yarmuk (Yarmuk) | Alternative History | FANDOM powered by Wikia

yarjuk Your four points were stated elegantly and there is no way I can expand on them. The Battle of Stalingrad April 2, The northern route was to be blocked by Muslim cavalry. Joseph Mengele May 15, Caliph Abu Bakr died in Jonathan Webb April 14, There was a problem with your submission.

Battle of Hastingsthe next battle chronologically on the site: Moraelin April 5, 2: This led David Nicolle to estimate Byzantine army at yarmuk to beHeraclius yarmkk the Early Islamic Conquests: They were again said to have been met by their own womenfolk who abused and shamed them.

The mubarizun were specially trained swordsmen and lancers, with the objective to slay as many enemy commanders as possible to damage their morale. I am an amateur writer on wikipedia, here is my user page http: Also, the Byzantines like the Persians wore armour weighing from 75 to pounds seriously limiting their mobility.

The attack would result in stalling the Byzantine front and prevent a general advance of the Imperial army. Ahsan Akbar April 1, 4: I thought was late antiquity.


Khalid’s strategy of withdrawing from the occupied areas and concentrating all of his troops for a decisive battle forced the Byzantines to concentrate their five armies in response. The skill of the Arab cavalry, particularly the horse archers, also gave the Arab army a distinct advantage in terms of their ability to outmaneuver their Byzantine counterparts. Abu Bakr’s confidence grew, and once Khalid established his stronghold in Iraq, Abu Bakr issued a call to arms for the invasion of Syria in February We welcome suggested improvements to any of our btatle.

There are certain facts about this storm which would not be consistent with the battle as presented here i.

batgle After this skirmish, no engagement occurred for a month. The accumilated loss of tax revenues and resources from these territories would have therefore impacted heavily upon the numbers of soldiers the Byzantines could have afforded, to put into frontline service at this vital juncture.

In the ensuing fight Vahan, who had escaped the fate of most of his men at Yarmouk, was killed. Meanwhile, the Muslim right wing pressed against it from the front.

In what became known as the Ridda wars of —, Abu Bakr managed to unite Arabia under the central authority of the Caliph at Medina. Having secured southern Palestine, Muslim forces now advanced up the trade route, where Tiberias and Baalbek fell without much struggle, and conquered Emesa early in Yarmmuk important fact has to be factored into the Byzantine Army estimates, that is that prior to the advent of Islam and the Revelation to the Prophet Mohammed mpbhthe Sasassnid Persians and Byzantines had been in or protracted long war with one another for years.

There appeared ot be a decided lack of resolve among the Imperial commanders, though this may have been caused by difficulties commanding the army because of internal conflict.


Battle of Yarmuk, – The Art of Battle

The numbers for this battle do greatly vary. Muslim conquest of North Africa. Wolfy Ghalkhani March 1, 8: Meanwhile, alarmed that the Byzantine-led force had bsttle in Syria while Muslim forces were fragmented into at least four separate groups, Khalid called a council of war and successfully argued that the entire Arab army be united to face Heraclius.

He decided to press upon the relatively exposed right flank, where his mounted troops could maneuver more freely as compared to the rugged terrain at the Muslims’ left flank. Vahan launched three offensives aimed at breaking the Rashidun lines, all of which only marginally failed because Khalid effectively used the force at his disposal in a variety of ways.

Part of his cavalry engaged the Byzantine left wing cavalry battld the rest of it attacked the rear of the Byzantine yar,uk wing infantry. Theyre much more entertaining. This force included 1, Sahaba companions of Muhammadamong whom were veterans of the Battle of Badrthe first battle in Islamic history, and included citizens of the highest rank, such as Zubayr ibn al-AwwamAbu Sufyanand his wife Hind bint Utbah.

Battle of Yarmuk, 636

The two sides took many casualties in this skirmish, after which the Vardatorii retreated. A profound mathematician, Abu Bakr had worked out the exact timings jarmuk to knock out his two most immediate enemies in one go.

Khalid bin al-Waleed — His Life and Campaigns. He blamed his wrongdoings for the loss, primarily referring to his incestuous marriage to his niece Martina.