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Banasiński, Antoni . Most widely held works by Antoni Banasiński Ubezpieczenia gospodarcze: ekonomika, organizacja, finanse by Antoni Banasiński. Przedmiotem artykułu jest geneza ubezpieczeń gospodarczych poczynając od starożytności Banasiński, Ubezpieczenia gospodarcze A., Warszawa Source: E. Stroiński, Ubezpieczenia na życie (Life Assurance), LAM, Warsaw .. A. Banasiński, Ubezpieczenia gospodarcze (Business Insurance), Poltext.

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They made efforts aimed at reducing their impact and, with time, when the mechanism of such disasters was finally understood, they tried to prevent their very occurrence, that is, in practical terms, implemented preventive measures. AuthorContributorOtherEditorAuthor of introduction. Teoria statystyki by Oskar Lange Book 14 editions published between and in 3 languages and held by 31 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Topics covered include the general principles of regulation and control; cybernetic schemata of the theory of reproduction; the theory of stability of regulation systems; and a generalization of the theory of regulation.

At first reinsurance contracts to be of a provisional character but in the second half of the 19th ubezpieczebia long-term and open reinsuring contracts covering many specific types of risk came into use. They represent different approaches and different backgrounds.

Banasiński, Antoni

Project Page Feedback Known Problems. Basic issues remain controversial.

The praxeological interpretation of the method of Lagrange multipliers is also discussed. The purpose of the volume is to contribute to the cross-cultural discussions of fundamental issues of philosophy of law.


The authors of particular chapters are internationally recognised scholars rooted in various traditions: The solution of t. History of Insurance of Business Activity.

Ubezpieczenia gospodarcze – Antoni Banasiński – Google Books

At the same time, on the initiative of central and local authorities in Germany, France and Scandinavian ubfzpieczenia were founded fire societies which soon began to reorganize into ever larger organizations aiming at a more efficient sharing of risk. We see those areas of legal metaphilosophy as drawing recently more and more attention in the literature.

Since time immemorial people have made efforts to neutralize the consequences of natural disasters. As from the 17th century, which saw a vigorous intensification of dealings with the colonies, private insurers were particularly active, especially in markets situated in port ubexpieczenia which were a place where shippers, brokers banadiski insurance agents met.

Introduction to economic cybernetics by Oskar Lange Book 19 editions published between and in 3 languages and held by 80 WorldCat member libraries worldwide Introduction to Economic Cybernetics introduces the reader to economic cybernetics, that is, the application of the principles of the theory of automatic control to the problems of managing the economic processes, and particularly the processes in a socialist economy.

Banasiński, Antoni [WorldCat Identities]

Introduction to econometrics by Oskar Lange Book 73 editions published between and in 4 languages and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Theory of reproduction and accumulation, by Oskar Lange.

At the same time the rapid growth of reinsurance occurred which although in existence since the 14th century in fact became indispensable only when insurance companies underwriting considerable risks and fearing for large-scale accidents and disasters began to lean towards dividing premiums and selling off some of the underlying risk to reinsurers.


Drawing conclusions based on experience had lead to attempts made at finding new methods of effective prevention which in turn lead to the emergence of ever more gospodarczw and better organized groups of people engaged in mutual protection. The purpose of the book is to confront approaches of Anglo-Saxon and continental philosophy of law to the following topics: They were public corporations offering insurance for premiums considerably lower than those in regular insurance companies.

Ubezpieczenia Gospodarcze

Principles of Programming deals with all important problems related to programming. Such insurance could effectively compete with shareholding insurers ubfzpieczenia on account of the fact that they were entrusted with mandatory insurance introduced by legal regulations.

Theory of reproduction and accumulation by Oskar Lange Book 30 editions published between and in 3 languages and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide.