• June 16, 2019

Two raffish wolves named Willy and Wally (“Oh yeah, we’re bad. We’re Margie Palatini, Author, Henry Cole, Illustrator, illus. by Henry Cole. They were bad. Oh yes, those boys were real the run again, wolves Willy and Wally have the perfect plan. Cleverly disguised in womanly. Gone With The Wand. illustrated by Brian Ajhar. The Magic Wand of Bernice Sparklestein, once the best fairy godmother in the biz, is Kapoofski! She can’t.

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They try to become Little Bo Beep palafini Margie Palatini and Henry Cole, the team behind the hilarious moosetache and mooseltoe, have created a madcap fairy-tale read-aloud sure to entertain young readers. I really liked this book for many reasons.


Introduces us to the sheep who are able to outsmart this bad boys once again. Two wolves are dying to sink their teeth into a flock of sheep that are grazing near by. This is a very cute story; however, the girls didn’t understand the idioms and the length was not conducive to a single reading!

Jan 23, S. It looks like another close shave for these baa-aad boys! The two wolves can hardly control themselves being so close to a leg of lamb dinner. This book will teach the children that being bad will always give you bad consequences. They found a flock of sheep and pretended to be sheep but the sheep knew that they were imposters.


Oh yes, those boys were real bad. When it comes to wordplay, this book had everything: As an adult, I enjoyed the twist on words and character names such as “Meryl Sheep. Great for 2nd and 3rd grade humor and the fleecing of two Bad, Bad boys!

And these two return in two other books, Bad Boys Get a Cookie they chase the gingerbread man and Bad Boys Get Henpecked they try to get a free chicken dinner while helping out a mother hen. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Good for grade 3, who has been exposed to fairytales, now look at it from the perspective of these 2 bad boys! She lives with her family in New Jersey.

Books by Margie

On the run again, wolves Willy and Wally have the perfect plan. Paperback40 pages. Wally and Willy are on the lam again.

Use to bda idioms and other figurative language. Refresh and try again. Good show Me Winner. Review quote “The wordplay flies fast and thick throughout this text and it’s dead-on for a young audience. It just makes me feel very nostalgic inside and I need the other two books.


Bad Boys by Margie Palatini

The fluidity of the characters design and the way they’re posed, as well as what happens to them reminds me a lot of loony margis and Tom and Jerry [and a little bit of Nu Pogodi]. There’s a cute ending, and no one ends up on a serving platter with a side of mint jelly. I recommend it, and that’s no baaaaad joke. Then they were on the run again. I still think this would be a good book to have in my classroom library. Older children and adults will appreciate the tongue in cheek humor much more!

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