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  • June 18, 2019

D External dimensions. D Connections. D Connection of motor. FANUC CONTROL MOTOR AMPLIFIER α series DESCRIPTIONS. B–E. B–E. FANUC AC SPINDLE MOTOR α series PARAMETER MANUAL B– E. FANUC SERVO AMPLIFIER α series DESCRIPTIONS. B–E. FANUC SERVO AMPLIF IER @ series DESCRIPTIONS BE/03 The export of this product is subject to the authorization of the.

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When removing the case or PC board, take care not to lose any screws. Upward torque of motor during lowering by rapid traverse [kg? F Notes on contacting FANUC Inform FANUC of the details of an alarm and the specification code of the amplifier so that any components required for maintenance 6516e2 be quickly secured, and any other necessary action can be taken without delay.

This may also shorten the life of the semiconductors. This may cause a device installed on the power supply side, such as a ground fault interrupter or leakage—protection relay, to malfunction. Take appropriate action according to the contents of the alarm. Then, select a power supply module so that the 56162e of the multiplication results does not exceed the rated output capacity of the power supply module.

Cable for position coder Cable for magnetic sensor Other cable related to sensor Separate binding Note 1 or electrog g Note 2 is neces magnetic shielding sary for group B cables. D Use the cable containing the 56162e power wire and 665162e system ground wire so that power is supplied with the ground wire connected. The position of the charging LED on each model of amplifier is given in this 651662e.

Rated output capacity of a power supply module y 30— minute rated output of a spindle motor For the rated output capacities of the power supply modules, see Table 4.

The use of a fan adaptor allows the desired cooling performance to be obtained. If the work to be done requires that the door of the power magnetics cabinet be left open, the work 6162e be carried out by a person trained in the maintenance of the machine or equipment.



For how to select the regenerative discharge unit, see Section 3. D The rated output of the motor is guaranteed for the rated input voltage. For how to install protectors, see Appendix A. To replace the battery of any of those models, observe the following procedure: F Check that the amplifier is bb mounted in the power magnetics cabinet. F Before connecting the power supply wiring, check the supply voltage.

Fanuc B-65162 Manuals

The operator must be familiar with these descriptions. There are four types of power supply module, as follows: Selecting a Noise Filter.

For the magnetic sensor and proximity switch JY4: Select a spindle amplifier module according to the spindle motor being used. The module uses resistance regeneration that allows energy to be consumed by resistance during motor deceleration regeneration.

High—resolution magnetic pulse coder motor only 3. If the machine stops upon an alarm being issued, check the alarm number. Forced cooling fan motor is included Registance: Following the instructions given in the maintenance manual, adjust the position and speed detectors for the spindle so that an appropriate waveform is obtained. Connect the other ground terminal of the 65162ee block to the frame ground. Ground plate Cable Metal fittings for clamp 40mm?

In the event of an emergency stop, for example, the dynamic brake module stops the motor immediately by short—circuiting the power line of the motor without PWM control. The ordering drawing number differs depending on the cable length. Be careful not to jam your fingers between the power 65162 cabinet and amplifier. Protect the lines from any stress such as bending. Generally, it must have the cross—sectional area of the AC power cable or more.

Fanuc Servo Amplifier Alpha Series Descriptions 65162E

Units prepared by the machine tool builder NOTE 1 See Chapter 3 for details of how to combine the power supply module, servo amplifier modules, and spindle amplifier modules. The cross—sectional area of the power cable in the table matches the cross—sectional area of the power cable used in the unit to which the DBM is connected. F Be aware of the weight of the amplifier and other components.


Case 2 is used in the following cases: Strip part of the cable jacket to expose the shield sheath, as shown in the figure below. When a circuit breaker with a ground fault interrupter is used, it must be selected so that the sum of the values calculated according to a and b described below is not greater than the non—operating current value.

Fanuc Servo Amplifier Alpha Series Descriptions E pdf – CNC Manual

The amount of heat generated by the regenerative discharge unit varies with the motor type, rotation speed, load inertia, and continuous repetition cycle duty cycle. Using the expression given below, calculate 61562e noise filter load current, and select a noise filter so that the load current does not exceed the rated current of the filter.

Separation of Signal Lines.

The output voltage is held at VDC by a voltage conversion type converter. When transporting them or mounting them in the cabinet, therefore, be careful not to injured yourself or damage the equipment. The ground plate must be created and installed by the user as shown in Figs 5. D The 65162 ground cable must have enough cross—sectional area to safely carry the accidental current flow into the system ground when an accident such as a short circuit occurs.

Spindle switching control switching the speed only, or switching both the speed and position 2.