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What, the maps don’t mark the goodie caves anymore? aveyond-darkthrop-prophecy-walkthrough-cheats-strategy-guide/. Aveyond Darkthrop Prophecy Strategy Guide .. Walkthrough. Mel discovers that someone has scrawled “Darkthrop Prophecy” on the wall outside her room.

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Read the note in Lady Anara’s house Talk to Isabelle who is missing her ring Return to the gem dealer who has the ring for gold coins If you do not have enough gold, go fight some monsters in Riven Forest. Also buy a couple jars of skin cream. Go northeast to Clearwater. Not only does she have a vast array of healing and protective spells, her melee attack now also is pretty good. Posted November 6, I hope they help you. Go to the forest and fight and kill them all.

Next, you need to select two classes in the hall of magic. In this game you will play as 2 separate groups of characters with two separate inventories, which will add an interesting twist. Walk ;rophecy the village.

Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy Walkthrough and Cheats |

You will see the squirrels blow up a rock and disappear again. The professors refuse to listen. Then heal up and go down the well. Explore the new areas open to you. She says thank you and runs home. Return it to Isabelle, who will give you her fan as a reward. Enter the shed and follow these steps: When you enter the property, Yemite appears and tells Edward to accompany her to Underfall.


You will receive the key to the right door in the house. Try to collect around gold coins before you enter the priestess community.

A healer is also valuable. Return for your G reward. Also bring along plenty of Covey Balm. Now make your way to the temple to talk to the Oracle.

In the next cave, make your way to the southwest, clearing out the chests on your way. Go north across the qalkthrough and then west to a patch of wyrd vegetables.

He is standing by a fire. The school is in flames. At the end of the path you will find the wyrd vegetable.

If the squirrels blow it up just now, just head into Sedona and come back to get an intact bridge. If you see any errors with the maps, please post them in this thread. Back on the plains, go west and north and exit through the hole at the end to walkthgough back to the caves.

When he refuses, she bites him!

Life at Shadwood Academy 3. Use skin cream if Cockatrice turn a character to stone. You can find Jenna in the west. A boulder is blocking the path so they blow it up. The Priestess then asks who is willing to face the Trials of Citrelium.


Stella likes green rings, and Lydia likes white ones.

Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy Walkthrough

There is a statue of a woman holding a bow pointed at the boulder. Search the town for treasures and then go to the darjthrop. You can now finally do other quests in Veldarah! Enhance Shard at the Sword Servicing Station. Take the path east from the signpost to the Harmony Temple. Bring them to the temple and place them on the pedestals surrounding the arrow.

Gyendal teleports Mel to a cathedral in Underfall. Take a look at the maps to find the ins and outs of the caves and plains as they are intertwined. She tells you to read the house rules in the cafeteria.

Place it on the pedestal to release the golden bridle. When you attempt to enter the cave, Yemite finds Mel and joins the party to protect her. You only get to choose once.