• June 14, 2019

Discover ideas about Acupuncture Points Chart. The World’s Best Auriculotherapy Wall Chart—This beautiful, full-color chart includes over illustrated points. Dr. Bahr, a leading European auriculotherapist, shows body acupuncture points reflex on to the ear in a large laminated chart essential for auriculotherapy. The problem with Auriculotherapy is remembering where all of the points are on and the different charts all in one place, at the click of the mouse, has made it.

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Thanks for developing this software that has made my life easier and has enriched my practice. It was a proud moment for me, all those years ago, when we introduced our first ear acupuncture wall chart. Best of luck to you! Its accessibility makes it something I look forward to use with each new visit.

Over 25 NEW Points and Areas Added to Auriculo Wall Chart

Carlos Robles MD, L. First of all let me thank you for a fabulous product! Please Rate This Post: Make the Power Yours. Click Here to See! Since I started using it I have seen much better clinical results with my patients. Auriculotherapy Research Support I purchased your Auriculo 3D and absolutely love it!

Ear chart to map acupuncture points and organs (auriculotherapy)

View all posts by Dr. Enjoy your new Auricular wall chart!

See how Auriculo 3D works: Beautify your office and enhance your study with the best auricular chart available—and save money doing it! Others tout how charg impresses patients and starts conversations.


The software is solution oriented: What will Auriculo 3D do for you? The Original Auricular Wall Chart It was a proud moment for me, all those years ago, when we introduced our first ear acupuncture wall chart.


I know auricular is a great approach, yet besides a few well-known points, it was cumbersome to look things up and apply quickly in my clinic setting. He, his wife, and 7 children reside in Meridian, Idaho. Acupuncture Growth Symposium You can ayriculotherapy messing with your old books and line drawings, keep questioning chaet results, or keep taking the easy way out and just skip the option altogether, OR you can get the right tool for the job and get confident care, superior results, and happy patients.

Some love it for its clinical usefulness.

The Auriculo 3D software gives you exactly what you need to get the auriculotherapy points right, for every patient. And our customers loved it! Here’s the problem; every ear is a little different, and with hundreds of auriculotherapy points on the ear, it’s practically impossible to remember where all of them are.

I have practiced auriculotherapy for many years and this is the best program I have ever seen. Auriculo 3D helps you get superior results in your practice by solving the problems that hold back most practitioners. I highly recommend it? Evelyn Byram Zeller, L. Larsen is President of Miridia Technology Inc. Kudos to you for creating such a great tool for my practice.


An absolutely terrific reference! Buy Auriculo 3D Here.

I am greatly impressed with the aurivulotherapy. Alternatively, feel free to give us a call at and a member of my staff will be happy to take your order for you.

Adrian Larsen Adrian P. You need to know where the points are and what combinations are effective for specific ailments. So, what do you think about it? I consider it well worth it. It gets even more complex when you consider combining points into effective treatment protocols.

Show patients the power of auriculotherapy with an incredibly complete list of points demonstrating the wide variety of conditions you can treat! He currently divides his time between research, product development, and teaching. Buy Auriculo 3D Software.

And you need it right now. Find Precise Auriculotherapy Points and Protocols. Ready to buy Auriculo 3D? After weeks and cgart of work, combining and synthesizing information from 13 separate sources, we had finally built the most comprehensive, beautiful, and useful auricular acupuncture chart the world had ever seen.