• July 25, 2019

Short answer: AUCTeX doesn’t play very well with latexmk, by default. Long answer: AUCTeX has its own system to decide what command to. Here is (I think) the simplest way to do this. The first adds mupdf as a new view program, while the second specifies it as the default for pdfs. If you check the source for TeX-command-query you’ll find that it checks the modification date of the tex (lines ) and bbl (lines ) files involved in your .

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How can I configure auctex to set pdf-tools as the default pdf viewer? : emacs

Well, actually I just mean pressing C-c Quctex again. Indeed I had to add make this change. Sign up or log in Sign up using Fefault. More recent Emacs versions have a new completion mechanism. Thanks – but that’s too much code for me to think through all the implications. In response to a comment, here is how to add support for synctex with mupdf.


For this kind of completion to work, parsing must be enabled as described in see Parsing Files.

Start Emacs with the –debug-init’ option to view defqult complete error backtrace. TeX-view-program-selection ‘ output-pdf “pv” “emacs” “xpdf” output-dvi style-pstricks “dvips and gv” output-dvi “xdvi” output-html “xdg-open”. I just updated the answer to show how to do this.

One solution could be to write a parser specific to latexmkbut this isn’t super-easy. In order to use TeX-complete-symbolyou should write a backslash and the defaault of the macro.

I guess I’d like to just make C-c C-C invoke latexmk every time. Defaylt as a guest Name. It’s just an S-expression after all. Let’s say I compile my document, then i go away for a cup of coffee, and when I return, I forgot if I am looking at the most recent version. If a macro has an element in this variable, TeX-parse-macro will use its value to decided what to do, whatever the value of the variable TeX-insert-braces.

See Automaticfor more information. Thanks but my current setup with Skim works as I want.

emacs – Changing the default latex generate command in AucTeX – Super User

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. By default, it will offer completion only for normal commands. It still functions as before, but in theory, it is not required anymore in normal use.


The difference between TeX-insert-macro and TeX-electric-macro is that space will complete and exit from the minibuffer in TeX-electric-macro. A sub-reddit for defsult timeless and infinitely powerful editor.

That’s why the short answer. You need to make sure it’s eval’d after the library is loaded.

Space will complete and exit. If non-nil, used for encoding input to Japanese TeX process. You can override the command names associated with the above three engines or define your own engine by customizing TeX-engine-alist. actex


The first adds mupdf as a new view program, while the second specifies it as the default for pdfs. If you find that wrong command is used, check the value of TeX-engine on that buffer. I guess what I’d like is to be able to define what happens the second time the command is issued. AUCTeX doesn’t play very well defajlt latexmkby default.

Sign up using Email and Password. You could for example wrap it into replace ;; BODY by code.