• June 13, 2019

SYMMETRIX – Overburden Drilling by Atlas Copco Welltech AB. The optimal choice when drilling medium to deep ( 60 m) holes and casing pipe is left. Atlas Copco casing advancement systems are available in versions for top hammer The Symmetrix and Elemex systems are part of a total overburden drilling. The Symmetrix overburden drilling system is a patented system comprised of an ingeniously simple concentric method of drilling through overburden with casing .

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The three main components of the Elemex system are A pilot bit that drills the center part of the hole and guides the drill string. This includes a full range of drilling rigs and drilling tools.

They are typically installed to provide support for slopes or other structures. Use same ring bit set for both pilot bits. A symmetrical ring bit.

Odex Under-reaming systems for DTH Under reaming systems are most economical solutions for casing drilling in normal ground conditions. Retrievable system with a unique design that atas a large inner diameter. The key criteria our customers wanted from our reverse circulation drills were simplicity, performance and reliability. In water and thermal wells the casing is used as a sacrificial element to just keep the hole open. Besides our world class products — our success is due to our commitment to the industry, our interaction with customers and our commitment to sustainable productivity.


This enables contractors to perform their work faster with higher quality and reduced risk.

Casing Advancement Systems

This is an extra advantage when sensitive ground is encountered. Top hammer Top hammer drilling is a fast and efficient method for drilling shorter holes, straight or inclined. Pipe roofing Pipe atlaas is a method to pre-reinforce the ground ahead of a tunnel face to ensure that excavation can proceed safely.

They can be installed in combination with a retaining wall structure, as individual or systematic support. Atlas Copco Symmetrix offers a permanent ring bit system for tophammer drilling, providing an all-round overburden drilling system for holes of any depth or size.

Casing Advancement Systems (Symmetrix / Elemex)

Symmetrix and Elemex Contact us. The Symmetrix system is a patented system comprised of an ingeniously simple concentric method of drilling through overburden with casing.

Atlas Copco Geotechnical Drilling ssymmetrix Exploration manufactures and markets equipment needed for surface and underground exploration drilling applications. Symmetrix handles casings from 76 to 1, mm 3 to 48 into almost any depth. They have become very popular with tophammer drillers and are available in three different sizes from 38 mmm to 51 mm threads.

This page guides you to the right solution based on your requirements. Bits Head Section Tube Drivers. The system has opened the way to utilize new construction methods that save contractors time and money.


Atlas Copco Secoroc has a comprehensive range of DTH drill bits that have been designed to match all conceivable applications. With this new concepts Atlas Copco Secoroc will turn the product selection easier. Geothermal well drilling Geothermal heating of houses is increasingly popular due to both economical advantages as well as environmental concerns. The designation code makes it easy to identify the key parameters of the system.

Elemex Retrievable Ring Bit System. The system drills more quickly and accurately than any other method available today. It is suitable to use for straight piling or well drilling that requires the high performance needed for drilling large and deep holes.

There are hammer solutions for water well drillers, miners and quarry drillers as well as for contractors in construction, oil and gas. Discover Industry solutions Products Services. Geotechnical Core Drilling Tools. It is also a more productive and cost efficient choice. The choice of solution depends on several factors, including ground conditions and application. Anchoring Tieback anchors, or ground anchors, are common all over the world.