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ASME-BTH June 5, | Author: Nanang Komarudin | Category: Strength Of Materials, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Science, Nature. Buy ASME BTH 1: DESIGN OF BELOW-THE-HOOK LIFTING DEVICES from SAI Global. ASME BTH Design Of Below-The-Hook Lifting Devices. Be notified when this Standard is updated or amended – Add to StandardsWatch. General.

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All structural members, connections, and connectors shall be proportioned so the stresses due to the loads stipulated in para.

Fatigue stress on a shaft element shall not bth-1-20114 the following values: A second dynamic load spectrum was developed for a special case of Design Category A. Both ferrous and nonferrous materials, including the constructional steels, may be used in the mechanical components described in Chapter 4. The provision for locking or adding a lock to the disconnecting means shall be installed on or at the switch or circuit breaker used as the disconnecting means and shall remain in place with or without the lock installed.

As the clearance between the pin and the hole increases, the strength of the assme decreases. Duerr, Vice Chair M. The bearing stress between the pin and the plate in connections that will rotate under load for a large number of load cycles Service Class 1 or higher shall not exceed the value given by eq. The analysis techniques and models used by the qualified person shall accurately represent the loads, material properties, and device geometry; stress values resulting from the analysis shall be of suitable form to permit correlation with the allowable stresses defined in this Standard.

The coefficient CLTB in eqs.


ASME-BTH – Free Download PDF

Along with the forces produced by normal operation, mechanical components of lifting devices should be designed to resist the forces resulting from operating irregularities that are common in mechanical systems including jams, locked rotor torque, and overloads.

For channels bent about the major axis, the allowable bending stress is given by eq.

The minimum spacing of lines of slot welds in a direction transverse to their length shall be four times the width of the slot. Factors such as type and condition of gripping surfaces, environmental conditions, coefficients of asm, dynamic loads, and product temperature can affect the required support force and shall be considered during the design by a qualified person.

Some symbols may have different definitions within this Standard. The effective width limit of the tensile stress area defined by eq. Crane Manufacturers Association of America, Assme.

When the bending moment at any point within an unbraced length is larger than that at both ends of this length, Cb shall be taken as unity [see eq.

Paragraphs in this Appendix correspond with paragraphs in Chapter 4. These design considerations must be evaluated and accounted for by the lifting device manufacturer or qualified person. This lower temperature limit is also consistent with recommendations made by AISC When conflicts exist between AWS D This stress distribution exists in the elastic range only. Hydraulic fluid shall not be discharged to atmosphere.


If the design factor of a commercial component is unknown, the maximum capacity of that component should be divided by the applicable value of Nd. Barton, Doc Magnet G.

Btj-1-2014 strength of the part is the sum of the allowable tensile stress acting on the indicated tensile area plus the allowable shear stress acting on the indicated shear area. For most designs, an added impact allowance is not required.

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The provisions defined in this Standard address the most common and broadly applicable aspects of the design of below-the-hook lifting devices. The Committee recognizes that in some special low headroom applications the sheave size may need to be smaller to accommodate the limited space available.

The allowable critical stress is the material yield bht-1-2014 divided by the applicable design factor, Nd.

For rolled shapes, this value may be taken as the clear distance between flanges less the fillet or corner radius, in. The Committee believes these issues need to be addressed in the design phase to ensure that inspection and maintenance can be adequately performed while assuring that operator safety is maintained.

Cite the applicable edition of the Standard for which the interpretation is being requested. Brookbank, Alternate, Hunter Lift Ltd. The design of lifting attachments may be addressed by awme industry design standards.

If larger holes are necessary, the test results reported in Kulak et al. Consideration should be given to conditions such as surface temperatures, contamination, torsion and bending loading of the vacuum pad, and tested vacuum pad performance. FSR shall be the smaller of the toe crack or root crack allowable stress range.

The provisions of this section are based on AISC The interaction formulas for cylindrical members recognize that the maximum bending stresses about two mutually perpendicular axes do not occur at the same point.