• June 19, 2019

The AS/NZS standard sets out the requirements you’ll need to meet for an effective health and safety management system. Based on established. Is your business seeking certification to AS/NZS ? Learn how our experienced consultants can assist you with a compliant safety management system. Visit our website and learn more about AS/NZS standards.

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Occupational health and safety is crucial to any business — without basic safety standards your business is opening itself up to accidents in the workplace.

AS/NZS Certification – QMS

If you have any queries regarding our certifications or to get a free quote for your business, please contact our friendly team on 09 today! Kiwi Certification is a New Zealand certification body, dedicated to providing internationally recognised level 401 to small and medium sized companies. If the business is operating on an international scale ad would like their certification to align with their other management systems, becoming OHSAS certified would be more appropriate.

Our unique methodology, LRQA Business Assurance, helps organisations manage their systems and risks to improve and protect their current and future performance. We can bzs you with a range of supporting information and help Our methodology Our assessment process Our thought leaders What our clients say Feedback.

If your business has achieved certification, you must ensure regular reviews and internal audits are undertaken. Your plan will look at your organisations existing systems, and analysing areas of improvement. Suppliers, manufacturers and other third parties can use your certification to ensure the safety of their own staff when working in your business.


AS/NZS 4801 Certification

Safety in the workplace is important for a business, no matter the industry. Why is this certification important to my business?

Both internationally recognised standards relate to ensuring workplaces are injury and illness free, both following management system principles which encourage a plan-do-check-act approach which means analysing the situation, performing a set of actions, monitoring it, and adjusting if need be.

Read about how our verification solution helped Weir Minerals gain accreditation against the NSW Government WHS assessment management systems 5th edition requirements with ease.

Lloyd’s Register Australia [ Change ]. However, there are a few differences when looking at the certifications from an international perspective. AS Certification New Zealand. Both accreditations are incredibly alike; they both have the same general outcome, and nxs to achieve this outcome using similar techniques.

It also damages the reputation of a business.

Implementing a monitoring framework is also crucial to make sure the benefits continue into the future. Having an OHS Management System in place, is vital for a workplace to nzw appropriate precautions for accidents and avoidable illnesses. Reduce risks – it can contribute to a healthier working environment and help reduce accidents, employee illness and lost time.

Improved staff morale – it can help support improved staff morale and offers potential reductions aas liability claims and lower insurance 481. These regular checks will help your business measure and improve the system. Simply submit your details below. And with the growing pressure for accountability in recent years, certification by LRQA is one very visible way of letting your stakeholders know you mean business when it comes to health and safety.


Your objectives will fit in roughly with the following plans:. Credibility – your organisation can benefit from increased credibility by having an OHS management system independently assessed. They will analyse your plan, and compare it with the standard.

You will then enter the checking process of certification, which will involve an audit from an independent auditor. After your business has created a plan, you will need sa implement the strategy within the safety management framework.

Find out by completing our one-page questionnaire. To attain this OHS Management System certification, the current activities of the organisation must be evaluated, risks uncovered, and strategic objectives put into action to minimise risk in the workplace. If there are any improvements which need to be made, your business will need to action these to ensure you are compliant.

OHSAS also aligns closely with existing standards — i.

Your objectives will fit in roughly with the following plans: By having this safety management system and certification, you will be able ad apply for tenders which require a business to have a proven track record of safety in the workplace.