• June 19, 2019

Common name: Indian Wormwood, Fleabane, Mugwort • Hindi: नागदोना Nagdona, दवना Davana • Manipuri: লেইবাক ঙৌ Leibakngou. Natural products are the main stay of the alternative system of medicine. Artemisia nilagirica is commonly known as the Indian wormwood. Undershrubs, ca. m tall, aromatic, perennial, fruticose; stems paniculately branched, incanus, pubescent or tomentose. Leaves simple alternate, upper ones.

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India Biodiversity Portal

Document specific search options Title. Artemisia borotalensis Poljakov Artemisia bottnica Lundstr.

Byit has been estimated that mortality can reach as high as 12 million with a substantive increase to It consists of 80 species found in both North America and Eurasia, [5] of which the best-known is perhaps Artemisia dracunculusthe spice tarragon.

Morphological characters like vegetative and artejisia were studied and recorded accordingly. Habitat destruction for agricultural purposes and low seed viability is a major concern for the propagation of these plants. Pharmaceutical sciences,20 1 The protocol suggests use of MS medium supplemented with 2. Life cycles are treated in the field for Life Cycle.

The moderate amounts were recorded in ANA 5. The ability to chelate cupric ions varied widely for the different extracts tested. Few experimental studies regarding the therapeutic activity of A. FRAP assay was used to evaluate antioxidant capacities of extracts. The components analysed for phytochemicals were total phenolics, flavonoids, triterpenoids, tannins and alkaloids.


They contain a wide variety of chemical constituents, which may act individually or synergistically to cure diseases associated with oxidative stress and improve health [ 8 ]. The root of the plant also has a well-known medicinal activity; it was used in Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of various disorders, but it is not yet used for studying the pharmacological activities using qrtemisia models. Primer UBC produced 5 monomorphic bands Fig.

Physiol Mol Biol Plants.

Oil constituents of Artemisia nilagirica var. In another s tudy to analyse the chemical composition of A. In contrast to cytotoxic agents that induce damage to cancer cells, antioxidants prevent the initiation of cancer during the process of carcinogenesis and therefore, are considered beneficial to the cells.

Artemisia artekisia tree wormwood, or sheeba in Arabic is an aromatic herb indigenous nilaggirica the Middle East used in tea, usually with mint. The plant is also used traditionally in the preparation of insecticide Bhattacharjee Malignancy is one of the most deadly diseases and foremost public health concern in both developing and developed world. Leaves and flowering tops are bitter, astringent and aromatic.


Artemisia nilagirica – Wikidata

There were about It is reported to contain essential oils, sesquiterpene lactones, coumarins and acetylenes and others including many phytochemicals like alkaloids, phenols, flavonoids, and terpenes, which have wide range of pharmaceutical uses.

An important criterion in the search of anticancer compound s with therapeutic potential is to determine whether they show toxic effects on normal cells.

Peptic ulcer is among major concerns in the modern world due to emergence of unhealthy food and food contamination. Recurrent production of plants of black palm, Syzygisum cumnii L. Role of prostaglandins and gastric mucus secretion. Asthma is one of the most common respiratory disease which is caused because of exposure to nilagiroca allergens present in environment [ 27 – 29 ].

A study shows that the essential oils of A. Anthemideae at a Continental Crossroads: Intergrading forms are particularly common in recently radiated subgenera such as Tridentataegiven their frequent reversals and convergent xrtemisia.