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The covenant is the home of magi and the heart of an Ars Magica saga. Much more than just a base camp, its prosperity determines the power and safety of the . What is the Vanilla Covenants Project? The project was established to provide detailed sample covenants for players and story guides for Ars Magica, which is. This site is the central hub for an Ars Magica saga played over Hangout.

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The covenant typically houses a handful of magi one for each playeran equal number of grogsand about double that number of covenfolk servants, craftsmen, and so on [3]. Faerie Court -1 Hook: This site uses cookies. During that time, Samson walked an eliptical path around the Hill that was 70 miles long. Individual Covenants vary widely; some have as few as a single Magus, while others may have practitioners aars in the dozens.

The Irish are less trustful of magi due to the Gift, and have made do with what humble belongings they brought with them.

Site of Power -3 Hook: The challenges faced by a covenant shapes the whole saga. Such a Magoca is called the ” Domus Magna ” of that House.

Vanilla Covenants Project

Uisneach is the site of a number of seasonal festivals that have been held irregularly for centuries, most notably Beltane. A Covenant is a gathering of Magitypically in a place of magical power.

To list only a few of them: Typicially, Covenants can be found where the old magical powers are still strong, meaning places where the dominion, and thus the mundane population, has covenahts limited presence. Robert de la Croix. Lindsey is a friend of Bradach the Bastard and is strangely familiar to Sir Blane. The Fifth Edition Covenants supplement adds many more options, Boons and Hooks, ideas, sample characters and items, and so on, and is generally well-regarded, but is not strictly necessary to create a playable covenant.


The covenant plays an important role in most sagasproviding not only a setting for story events but also a common interest for all the magi. The covenant thus covenatns the “home base” of the characters, and adventures can mwgica around its interests.

Governance The charter of the covenant can be found here.

Designing a covenant is a complex and time-consuming task that may be too challenging for new players. Mythic Europe Ars Magica: The grogs are slothful, the companions decadent, and the magi inexperienced.

While technically the magi can ask for vis at any time, they are required to work one season out of every year for the Covenant, so this amounts to a vis salary. The English faction is actually slightly more loyal to the magi, because they come from covenants in the Alps where they were issued expensive equipment and got used to dealing with wizards. If, later on, you have new ideas and want to create a covenant of your own, you can simply have the characters’ starting covenant fail, break up, or get destroyed, and move the magi to a new covenant of your original design.

The Church Ars Magica: With one notable and recent exception in House Verditiusthis is the covenant of the primus of the house. Those resources are detailed here. It counts as an additional building. The covenant has two major sources of income at present.


The magi appointed Otto Rufus as Seneschal. A pound of these stones is worth about 4 Mythic Pounds they are sold for about 1 Mythic Pound to 4 ounces. Gift Certificates fnord23 Contact Us.

True LineagesHouses of Hermes: This is considered odd and even sinful behavior by those outside the Order. A collection of edits for the book itself: That just means the “surplus” Boons are Unknown, lying in wait for the magi to discover.

Covenant | Ars Magica Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

This is much less work and lets your troupe get more quickly started telling stories. Merlin covenaants the stones for Stonehenge from this site.

Story-based rules for determining the covenant’s wealth. Gift Certificates fnord23 Contact Us. The term Covenant is the common one used in the Order of Hermes ; marginally Hermetic and non-Hermetic organizations may or may not have equivalents. Note that there is some labor involved here: Warehouse 23 will be closed December 24th, January 1st, In most covenants, the magi live together and share a magical library [1]. The latter group includes most of the fighting Turb and the magi’s personal servants, and are represented on the Council by Sir Blane, Samson, and Alfeva.

Each Hermetic House has a Covenant which represents in some sense the center of activity or governance of that house.