• June 18, 2019

SF Top Secret Document Cover Sheet SF Top Secret Media Label SF- Unclassified Media Label SF Data Descriptor Label The above forms. information on FOUO and other controlled, unclassified information may be found in . DLA Form 22, For Official Use Only Cover Sheet, may. For Official Use Only (FOUO) is a document designation, not a classification. marked FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY at the bottom of the front cover (if there is one) .

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Is a career in la McRaven on the lifting of security clearances of administration opponents. FOUO information may be disseminated within the DoD components and between officials of the DoD components and DoD contractors, consultants, and grantees as necessary in the conduct of official business. Read up on the major guidelines that you should follow. After working hours, FOUO may be stored as a minimum in unlocked containers, desks or cabinets if government or government-contract building security is provided.

Having a security clearance means handling documents with strict procedures regarding who else can see or handle them. FOUO information should be handled in a manner that provides reasonable assurance that unauthorized persons do not gain access. This designation is used by Department of Defense and a number of other federal agencies to identify information or material which, although unclassified, may not be appropriate for public release.


Administrative penalties may be imposed for misuse of FOUO information. See all veteran friendly employers. Eligibility Guidelines for Gaining Security Clearance How are you judged to be eligible for security clearance?

On the other hand, the absence of the FOUO or other marking does not automatically mean the information must be released in response to a FOIA request.

FOUO documents and material may be transmitted via first class mail, parcel post, or — for bulk shipments — fourth class mail. You May Also Like. In all cases the designations refer to unclassified, sensitive information that is or may be exempt from public release under the Fpuo of Information Act. My Profile News Home Page.

Fouo Cover Sheet

FOUO documents may be destroyed by shredding or tearing into pieces and discarding the pieces in amy regular trash container unless circumstances suggest a need for more careful protection. When dealing with sensitive but unclassified information from another department or agency, check with the originator regarding appropriate handling.

This document contains information exempt from mandatory disclosure under the FOIA.

Fax or e-mail transmission of FOUO information voice, data or facsimile should be by encrypted communications systems whenever practical. Trump Brushes Off Criticism from Adm. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or shert.

The For Official Use Only designation is also used by CIA and a number of other federal agencies, but each amy is responsible for determining how it shall be used.


There is no national policy governing use of the For Official Use Only designation. If a request for the information is received, it must be reviewed to see if it meets the FOIA dual test: If government or government-contract building security is not provided, it must be stored at a minimum in a locked desk, file cabinet, bookcase, locked room, or similar place.

Army Publishing Directorate

FOUO information may also be released to officials in other departments and agencies of the executive and judicial branches in performance of a valid government function. Criminal penalties may be imposed depending on the fiuo content of the information privacy, export control, etc. Related Topics Security Clearance.

FOUO information may be put on vover Internet web site only if access to the site is limited to a specific target audience and the information is encrypted. During working hours, reasonable steps should be taken to minimize risk of access by unauthorized personnel. Some agencies use different terminology for the same types of information. Each government department or agency defines what information shall be protected and how its protected information shall be handled.