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The Mummy (Ramses the Damned #1) and The Passion of Cleopatra (Ramses the Damned, #2). The Passion of Cleopatra has ratings and reviews. Debra said: starsRamses the Great, former pharaoh of Egypt became an immortal after dri. Nick Ramses the damned: The passion of Cleopatra will be released later this Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice The.

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Ramses the Damned

I know this is how Anne writes and it was not a big deal, though this is one reason why I have stayed away from her works in general over time. For example, after his death, Henry’s corpse ends up in a “mummy damnwd during the Egyptian craze of the early s, natives often took modern corpses and made them into mummies for sale to gullible tourists.

What’s the Name o Not re-reading this one here at the moment, as I don’t have it anymore. I was on board immediately. It is not that I dislike the writing. But nothing about this is like that-everything ramsess this book makes sense.

Pages to import images to Wikidata. The Road to Cana To ask other readers questions about The Mummyplease sign up.

I wish the beginning would have had more action or more “something” because the last part of the book delivered. It’s a mark of how engaging the writing is that I was truly invested in the outcome – The Passion of Cleopatra is pretty “unputdownable”. There is a heightened sensitivity in you, to ra,ses sure, but you can embrace it.


Her books have sold near Anne Rice born Howard Allen Frances O’Brien is a best-selling American author of gothic, supernatural, historical, erotica, and later religious themed books.

The overall existential melancholy is on par with other works by Ms. Jul 23, Dana Aprigliano rated it really liked it Shelves: Julie has changed recently, and no one seems to know why her eyes are now bright blue. While still a fan, I grew out of my Anne Rice phase. So you can imagine my pleasant surprise and my subsequent muttering about “synchronicity” and “brain worms” and “tinfoil hats” when only a day or two later an actual sequel – written by Rice in partnership with her son, Christopher – became available for review and I got hold of a copy.

For 25 years, I tried the best I could to follow Riice, waiting for any word on a continuation of the story.

Ramses the Damned by Anne Rice, Christopher Rice | : Books

Novels by Anne Rice. LA reina esta sientifica es la leche y tiene pociones para todo. Nov 21, Douglas Meeks rated it it was amazing. Also, free books are bad as well sometimes…. It was deeply detailed and verbose. Having fallen in love with Mark Antony in defiance of Ramses’s advice, Cleopatra refuses the elixir and chooses suicide upon Antony’s death.


If it hurts or feels good, I will advise. View all 4 comments. A mummy rises, he falls in love, and they journey to Egypt where he misuses his immortal elixer. He struggles with the choice to make her immortal or not. Point is, she changes so drastically throughout the book that ramsess seems like an entirely different character.

The Mummy or Ramses the Damned

They constantly crave food and drink, although they need neither to survive. What is your responsibility to a world you can’t check out of? Character development is virtually non-existent, and the forgettable cast of death-resistant day-trippers go through a predictable and unoriginal series of motions.

Nov 24, Gary rated it it was amazing. Drama, suspense, mystery and horror. Not really, I mean it is worth a few good laughs.

The Mummy (Ramses the Damned #1) by Anne Rice

Some nice little twists in an overall predictable plot. Girl meets super hot, mysterious undead guy and falls in love at first sight. It’s just not Anne’s voice anymore. Best known for The Vampire Chroniclesher prevailing thematical focus is on love, death, immortality, existentialism, and the human condition.