• July 1, 2019

Megamorphs#1: The Andalite’s Gift, published in May and written by K.A. in the Megamorphs series, a set of companion books to the Animorphs series. Megamorphs are four companion books in the Animorphs series writted by K.A. as Megamorphs #1, Megamorphs #2, Megamorphs #3, and Megamorphs #4. The Andalite’s Gift has ratings and reviews. Ashley said: Okay, first of all, whoever had the idea to jumbo-size Animorphs was a marketing GENI.

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You have very good reason to believe megamorrphs two of your brothers in arms, who know all of your war-relevant security and personal information, have been captured by this enemy. This is not the best Megamorphs book of the four check out 2 where they go back in znimorphs and see dinosaursbut it’s still a fantastic read. I love the fast pace and the POV switching Because Marco was not invited, he decides to take Ax along.

I think I might have actually mailed it to somebody which was just the worst decision.

Richard’s Animorphs Forum – E-Books | Megamorphs 1

The next day, Cassie develops a plan in which they hope to stop the Veleek: Anonymous Msgamorphs 11, at 4: In my book, that really doesn’t seem like any improvement – even if Nick would ever have aired a cartoon that was so low quality. Animorphs was such a success by the time this book was published that they moved it from being a bimonthly series to a monthly, and added specials like this one.

Be afraid, and then go ahead and do what you have to do, anyway. I just much prefer the normal pace. RemindMe 9 years But if you go back to book one, then what will Luke Egdorf do for the next 27 years?


The Great Animorphs Re-read: Megamorphs #1 “The Andalite’s Gift”

Getting to see events unfold from all the Animorphs’ points of view was really interesting. This is the first Animorphs book to feature narration by more than a single character.

Marco and Ax, now prisoners of Visser Three, are on board the Blade ship. It’s a native of Saturn, which Visser Three “reprogrammed” to sense morphing energy, and then trained to fetch.

The Andalite’s Gift

Ifi, do you actually write the fanfic? Even Ax has more than that. Later the scene devolves into Marco continuing to drive, only this time he has Tiger! Does it add to the main story arc in any way? The Andalite’s Gift is the first Megamorphs book in the Animorphs series, taking place between Animorphs 7 and 8. It was originally published here.

Possibly my favorite quote from the whole book, which happens after Marco plows down 4 trash can’s in Cassie’s dad’s truck: Now that you mention it, I remember an Ax-narrated book having a bookmark he’d taken a bite out of. Jul 24, Jackie Krasuski rated it it was amazing. Not too huge on story, but this is a fun blockbuster with heaps of action.

Rachel is just precious.

Cassie got ripped off. Rachel and gives her a quick run through of their history. Ifi October 8, at Because if they find us Ax morphs into a flea and hides on the Visser’s body.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Finally, I get to stop posting casting calls and start posting results. Rules Never stay in morph longer than 2 hours. So to kill two birds with one stone, Cassie goes on a ride on Elephant!

Cassie also mentions that Jake can read her facial expressions better than anyone else later in the book. It’s not even a cover, it’s just some photoshopped class pictures on a cloud background. There are a few little references here and there to our favorite two couples.


Teeple January 11, at 6: Peace, Love, and Animals: Exactly how do they explain to Cassie’s dad afterwards what happens to his car? Her amnesia is almost an after-thought, it’s solved so easily, it is entirely a plot move so that she can go missing, and really, it could have been cut entirely. A chance to act like normal kids. I would suggest starting a patreon, but that’s a quick way to get your project shut down.

If there was one thing that saved this book for me, it was the shenanigans. Things like Marco roping Ax into a hare-brained spying caper by bribing him with flea powderof all things and apparently Andalites can get terrestrial fleas? Sep 17, Megan rated it it was ok Shelves: I will need to check this one out, though, if only to see what they did with the Veelek.

Lists with This Book. Jesus Whale does not care at all about anything. The cost of animated shows depends largely on where it’s made and how pretty they want to make it – more individual drawings per second means the animation goes much better, but it also means that the cost goes up.

Rachel has been captured by a crazy ex-Controller, who locks her in a wooden shack and sets fire to it. Instead she plays it up for the lulz, with Rachel regaining her ankmorphs at the most convenient time.