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Download Citation on ResearchGate | Angličtina nejen pro samouky = Teach yourself English / | Anglicko-český slovníček }. Get this from a library! Angličtina nejen pro samouky. [Ludmila Kollmannová]. Title, Angličtina nejen pro samouky. Author, Ludmila Kollmannová. Publisher, nakladatelství LEDA, ISBN, , Export Citation .

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We often go to the theatre. We and our English teacher.

Angličtina nejen pro samouky : Ludmila Kollmannova :

Those tourists over there are probably American. James is at the bank now. You and your pupils. We want to go for a week, to Switzerland. What are you doing here? Tom gave me a letter to post. May I have a look at these photographs? I am usually very tired when I get home from work.

Samohky Black and his family. She seldom cries during the night. You always get good marks on your examinations. Mr and Mrs Lee and their son.

The trees always lose their leaves at that time of the year. I can come tomorrow. Of course, he can. I also like my English class.


Liz has got the cassettes in her room. Mary and I always go to our English class together. Put your feet on the desk. Can Peter come with us? Mr Adam is hanging a picture on the wall. I never eat fruit before breakfast. Tom gets samokky ever angry. I — eat — fruit — never — before — breakfast I never eat fruit before breakfast. We buy our text books at that shop.

I do some shopping and I go also to the bank.

Two students and their teacher. We and our neighbours. I have a good memory for faces but I always forget names. Margaret is usually sad. I walk around the town every morning. He and his girl.

Květa Uhlířová – Angličtina nejen pro samouky-KLÍČ –

Children …… can watch TV but they ……. Jack is hejen very funny. Miss Hill and her sister. I do some shopping and I also go to the bank.

He likes his English class.

Angličtina nejen pro samouky nové 4. vydání 2 MP3 Audio CD

Those tourists over there probably are American. We …… must hurry. You and your husband. Tom always goes to work by car.


Angličtina nejen pro samouky – Teach Yourself English + CD

Is Jane at the cinema? We want to go to Switzerland for a week. Of course you can. I usually have a bath when I get home from work. May we have a look at it?

I clean the house and also cook the dinner. We both enjoy our English classes very much. Are your brothers in England now? Tom is sometimes the best in the class. The colleagues take their wives with to the party. I — eat — fruit — never — before — breakfast. It is in my room now. Jdi na obsah Jdi na menu.