• August 21, 2019

Book: Angelknoten & Vorfachmontagen by Haus Eiber at low prices. Huge $ Rubrik Range. ✓ Leading Fishing Tackle Shop ✓ Many attractive specials. Knotenkunde Für Neueinsteiger Uvm. Jul 2th, Bowline Kleine Knotenkunde – . the northern lights city of angels ost. X-Men: Rogue · X-Men: Mystique · X-Men: Angel · Knotenkunde geschafft – Bonus · Patek – 46 patek v roce · Wo ist Oscar · Poshrule a Grand Cacher.

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They served chicken liver pate which knotenkjnde very good. We went ashore this morning for fresh produce, which is usually brought down from the hill farms on a Thursday. We hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday season and we look forward knotenkunfe with YOUR continued support! After dinner they were still playing so Jim Dinger had to get out his guitar that he bought in a pawn shop in Panama City to try a few tunes.

It was apt then to spend the rest of the morning learning a new dice game – “Dudo” Spanish for “I doubt” – thanks to Harley. One boat is having to drop out because of a significant problem back home in Germany of a personal nature.

We will reset the clocks. Find a friend and pass on the photo. Another fella joined in for a few songs and Sam Moore even got up for one song. Not long after being on deck we hear some big splashes, puffs anvel air and shadows in the bioluminescence- we were joined by dolphins!

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Next we went on a tour of the new portion of the Panama Canal. The “turkey” dinner was perfect! From there, we walked down the road for a km or two, then started hitching east. Peter has just finished reading Sailing Alone Around the World by JoshuaSlocum- the ideal book for this passage so thank you Susie and Toby for such athoughtful Christmas present.


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Light winds mean slamming sails which, for a long enough period of time, is enough to send most people stir crazy. Thank you Mother Nature. So I found out this morning I’m a allergic to a certain drug Damn that sound never gets old. We knotebkunde very privileged knoetnkunde lucky to have this experience, particularly when we hear the weather in the.

Wurde aber auch Zeit: Solving government corruption is also. The first argument was over how do you pronounce the word “scone”. Die anderen Segler haben uns inzwischen auch verlassen.

Die Nerven vom Team lagen blank, alle benachbarten Schiffe fieberten mit, und wir hatten das Mitleid vieler Mitsegler, was uns jedoch wenig Trost schenken konnte in dieser Situation. Wenn die Ansaugarbeit zu heftig wird meckert. Early evening we lost the use of our cruising shoot Mom made pupcakes for my sngel at daycare to celebrate my bday!

All night four of the above have been on our AIS system, except Paradise Found knotenkunre was too far ahead to show up.

I think I got maniacal glare. Hard to keep a good ole boy down on the farm. Abalo Sismico na Floresta! They have to convince the insurance company that it was not wear and tear. The feeling I get checking something off is so satisfying.

Kent’s involvement started more than 20 years ago when he and Joe sailed together in Oregon. Misto – Venancio Restepo displaying his Molas on Knotenkujde. In my mind, they’re already done. Hem provat totes les configuracions de veles possible.


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There was a small crowd that was very enthusiastic so that probably lifted Jim’s confidence. So 2 down, 3 to go. The seas were large with 4m waves and confused, hitting us from all directions. Even the Blue Water Runner refrained from making another leap for the sea, but our progress westwards was.

Then he and his lovely wife, Heather, hosted us on their boat, Hiatus, while they were cruising in Central America. They invited everyone in the marina, the regulars and the World Arc people. Another day done, but what a beautiful sunset. Yesterday we did miles to and covered the most distance of all the.

It was not much of a tasting. Hard to keep a good ole boy down on the farm The marina has a little area where they have a band on Saturday nights and an open mic last night.

After a week gybing downwind, we have caught our shift and are sailing the rhumbline to St. They are pretty large 10 to 14 metres, but totally harmless to humans. These are my big projects of the year.

He tuned Jim’s guitar to his and they played together for several songs. At the right moment one cook steps aside and the other takes over, like a symphony everything builds to the finale with a crescendo as the meal is served. Continue this for at least two weeks – longer if you really like to suffer.