• June 17, 2019

Vilko Valanda [Andrius Tapinas] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kas būtų buvę, jeigu XX a. pradžioje Vilnius būtų ištrūkęs iš Rusijos. vedėjas Andrius tapinas Vasario ąją pristatė debiutinį fantastikos romaną „ Vilko. Andrius Tapinas · @AndriusTapinas. TV anchor. founder of “Liberty TV” and author of science fiction poker player and crazy.

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Dar viskas gali pasikeisti. Maybe too many characters for just one book – whereas more to come definitely. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Viena Emilija, kita Mila. Sweetie instead of candy or sweets. Rich with detail, full of atmosphere and a sense of being in the moment with the characters, you will feel the darkness, the breeze, the streets beneath your feet. View all 4 vilok. Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolayevich together with Empire’s ministers and secretary are discussing the future of the empire.

If you like alternate history fiction stories, unrelenting storytelling and steampunk adventure — Hour of the Wolf will not disappoint. Quotes from Hour of the Wolf.

But then again, maybe they just don’t have such museum in Vilnius Nobody gets a second chance, everyone’s life is miserable even the man’s who manages to write jokes about concentration camp – yay for you!

vaoanda Net bombos krenta ne ant Vilniaus, o ant carinio Novovileisko. Then attempts of writing “steam-punk” style seems pretty lame. As a determined enforcer investigates a mysterious murder, what else will he uncover? Some of my favorite things: I love travelling, playing online poker and sports have completely lost my head about both kinds of football – American and Europeanyet books calanda been and still are my biggest passion. September 3, Page Count: I am not sure who translated this book – my Amazon-purchased copy did not have a translator I so much wanted to love this book.


Videos About This Book. Sep 13, Aurimas Mikalauskas rated it it was viko. I still think this book has a great potential, and if translated correctly or given a once-or-twice-over by an English editor could be a modest hit.

History has been changed It is the year and Europe is not as we know it. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Even though the book has many MANY characters, after reading the book you realize every single one of them was instrumental in making the book a success.

It was a real fun to get my mind twisted in the events between different eras: The translation did not deter from the story, although the flow might have hiccupped a little, but never enough to distract me from the intrigue of the story as a deal is struck to save a financially floundering and corrupt upper ruling class whose debts are forgiven in exchange for free reign to run scientific experiments, practice the magical arts, on chosen cities.

OMG One though guy calling another “my dear”. The only significant downside was a fast-forward approach to the f A rare read of Lithuanian literature next to which I have decided to sit for a couple of weeks. But it’s not empty – characters stay in your head, action is fast and unexpected twists happen. I am not sure who translated this book – my Amazon-purchased copy did not have a translator’s name anywhere prominent and I will admit – I did not spend a lot of time lookingbut I have this lurking suspicion that the author decided to do it himself.

Vilko valanda

I know, most of the books charm comes from the author – Andrius himself is a very interesting, open-minded person, who manages to find ways into people hearts. No trivia balanda quizzes yet. Only then they manage to kill the bionic wolf, but during the fight Mila, Nikodemas Tvardauskis’ foster-daughter, gets killed by the wolf. Fabric “greatly resembling a grey mouse” Huh??


How does a brilliant young lady play into all of this? Lists with This Book. If you like the flavor of a very dark steampunk adventure filled with mystery, murder and mayhem, while enjoying armchair travel to another place and time, I highly recommend Hour of the Wolfas its pages prove that a well written book is sure to become a hit in any language.

Hour of the Wolf (novel) – Wikipedia

I was born and still live in the ancient city of Vilnius though I no longer walk in the abandoned cemeteries after dark. The storyline is so atpinas that it often valnda things are happening here and now. Steam’o romane buvo daug, o ir pankui liko vietos. I have 0 regrets reading this and I hope it will have like sequels.

I don’t want a hard work while reading for entertainment. View all 8 comments.

Even modern day Lithuanian writers seems to drink from the same well – psychedelic topics, copies changed names and places of 50 Shades Of Gray, utterly nostalgic andriius of past the sadder – the merrieror something so weird you can simply make yourself a paper hat. I’m looking forward to the next book in this fantastical world. It’s very enjoyable to follow the hints and leads and wonder how everything will connect in the end. So I’m giving this comic – two stars just because I respect and appreciate author.

Unfortunately I can’t share her enthusiasm about the book.