• June 17, 2019

According to Anatoly Fomenko’s New Chronology, history as we know Ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt as we know them didn’t exist at all. History: Fiction or Science?: Astronomical Methods as Applied to Chronology. Ptolemy’s Almagest. Tycho Brahe. Copernicus. the Egyptian Zodiacs. Dr Anatoly T. Anatoly o, Gleb kiy “History: Fiction or Science”. The Chronology Issue. How Europe escaped from Eurasia. 5 volumes of books on the New.

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The various peoples identified in ancient and medieval history, from the ScythiansHunsGoths and Bulgarsthrough the PolyaneDulebyDrevlianePechenegsto in more recent times, the CossacksUkrainiansand Belarusiansare nothing tt elements of the single Russian Horde. Book 13 Aug 03, Retrieved 3 May Billington, Russia in search of itselfWashington, D.

Modern geometry—methods and applications. High to Low Avg. Retrieved from ” https: Solved the classical Plateau’s Problem from the theory of minimal spectral surfaces. The Issue with Dark Ages History: Variational principles of topology “. It is surprising, to say the least, that a well-known Dutch publisher could produce an expensive book of such doubtful intellectual value, aanatoly which the only good word that can be said is that it contains an enormous amount of factual historical material, untidily ordered, true; badly written, fomsnko mixed-up with conjectural nonsense, sure; fomenkp still, much useful stuff.

Kluwerin Annals of Science53 For each analysed text, a function is devised which maps each year mentioned in the text with the number of pages lines, letters devoted in the text to its description which could be zero.

Why Anatoly Fomenko’s New Chronology Says That “History” Is All A Fake

Along these lines, Fomenko specifically focuses on the writings of 16th-century French Christian scholar Joseph Scaliger. Fomenko is the author of the theory of topological invariants of an integrable Hamiltonian system. Either there not enough symbols allowing for astronomical interpretation or the symbols change from one clay tablet to another. Bulgakov’s novel “Master and Margarita” An important property is the length of the rule.



Anatoly Fomenko

Billington, Russia in Search of ItselfWashington: In at the Moscow International Book Fair, Anatoly Fomenko with his coauthor Gleb Nosovsky were awarded for their books on “New Chronology” the anti-prize called “Abzatz” literally ‘paragraph’, a Russian slang word meaning ‘disaster’ or ‘fiasco’ in the category “Pochotnaya bezgramota” the term is a pun upon “Pochotnaya gramota” Certificate of Honor and may be translated either “Certificate of Dishonor” or literally, “Respectable Illiteracy” for the worst book published in Russia.

Book 14 Aug 04, AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

His calculations, which have since been criticized by other writers, showed that certain celestial events that were said to have occurred in the time fkmenko Jesus had to have actually occurred some 1, years later.

First, he creates a database of rulers, containing relevant information on each of them. Nosovsky ” New chronology of Russia Russia.

New Chronology (Fomenko) – Wikipedia

After this look at Anatoly Fomenko and the New Chronology, read up on other bizarre fringe theories including the Paul is dead rumor popular among some Beatles fans as well as the belief that the moon landing was faked. The vocabulary of Babylonian astronomical symbols once applied to clay tablets don’t allow for extraction of unique dates of eclipses. The Issue with Great Tartary History: Seltene von den Autoren verwendete Darstellungen und Texte.

Especially the history of their birth and of their early years is furnished with phantastic traits; the amazing similarity, nay literal identity, of those tales, even if they refer to different, completely independent peoples, sometimes geographically far removed from one another, is well known and has struck many an investigator. State Prize of the Russian Federation.


This page was last edited on 19 Decemberat Overview of the seven volumes A Global Falsification of History. In he published a version of Pliny the Elder ‘s Natural History in which he claimed that most Greek and Roman texts had been forged by Benedictine monks. The Issue with Chinese Astronomy. History’s Timetables Under Siege Second ed. The Carl Beck Papers. This fomemko naturally fits into the field of applications to modern mathematical statistics, theory of information. Wikimedia Commons Isaac Newton.

The Issue with Troy History: Critics allege that many of the supposed correlations of regnal durations are the product of the selective parsing and blending of the dates, events, and individuals mentioned in the original text.

Born in Donetskthen called Stalino, he was raised and schooled in Magadan. Russia, Turkey, China, Europe, Egypt.

Books presented at amazon. Fomenko has served as the editor of several Russian-language mathematics journals and is a member of many councils overseeing dissertations in his field. Fomenko specifically points to a break of dendrochronological scales around AD According to Fomenko’s claims, the written history of humankind goes only as far back as AD fomenkp, there is almost no information about events between AD —, and most known historical events took place in AD — Documents that conflict with New Chronology are said to have been edited or fabricated by conspirators; the Vatican, the Holy Roman Empire and pro-German Romanov dynasty.

Sergeevcalculating that the two have high correlationand thus that they describe the same period of history, which is undisputed.