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: Oath of the Vayuputras (The Shiva Trilogy) (): Amish Tripathi: Books. Spread the love. vayuputras map. rc_vertical_line. In ancient times, the Indian subcontinent (including the modern nations of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal. ‘Amish Tripathi has done an admirable job of humanising the characters the descriptions are vivid without being longwinded, the plot keeps you hooked.

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After that, you are on your own. As of June over 2. The sheer expectation of reaching the end of this The final instalment of the Shiva trilogy consumed me completely and invoked a profusion of emotions within.

If the Sanjeevani is already unstable, why would it need bacteria to aid the decay? Almost as a message from the Parmatma, the ultimate soul, I was approached by Lord Ganesh around this time. But here the mystery is shown in amksh very beginning and hence Amish has to bank on his narrative force which lets the novel down.

The answer was obvious. Vayuputraw has not benefited from the drink of the gods.

Amiish a war for the very soul of the nation. Mar 02, Pri rated it liked it Shelves: The pace of the narration will make your eyes and fingers run across the pages and u never know where u landed but vayuputars connected with the plot.

I guess the story is set in an era before Indus valley civilization. It just does not fit in with the mental picture of the characters I have in my head.

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Are we going vvayuputras declare war against all those who continue to use or protect the Somras? View all 17 comments. There has already been a lot of fighting, Kartik. When everyone had disembarked, they began to row ashore. Even to Vayulutras if it would help you.

The Saraswati kept getting prodigiously consumed. Especially at the five banyans. She continued with her job because she remained loyal to Meluha. The ruler of Meluha should represent the best there is in our way of life – truth, duty and honour.

The Oath of the Vayuputras

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Somebody is supplying him with superior medicines. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. The rivets on the planks were clearly Meluhan. Evil has been explained in such a novel manner that it did not look scary or overwhelming, just something too obvious which no one noticed.

The desertification of the land to the south of this delta is already complete. But Bhrigu believed that he had not broken the law.

I enjoyed reading this book, and I think everyone else will too! Ganesh sat next to Kartik and explained to him about what Brahaspati and Shiva had discussed the previous day.

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Both of vayulutras apparently died an untimely death at the end of book 2. I will finish this soon. This is a fictional series that is a tribute to my God; I found Him after spending many years in the wilderness of atheism. The broad shoulders and barrel chest were much better defined. With luck, we will reach Devagiri in another two weeks.

Kasturi and Sons Ltd. I thought he was supposed to be guiding Shiva. Do not let it mess with your knowledge of mythology.


The narrative of events and specially the surroundings sometime are too lengthy and boring. And everything between the creation and the next destruction is the journey of life. In a nuclear fission weapon, anoosatomic particlesare broken down to release paramanoosand this is also a A decent novel and a good enough series.

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A volley of arrows attacked the animal as the soldiers began to scream loudly. Time is of the essence. Seeing that Meluha is the center of manufacturing the Somras, Shiva declares a holy war on the Kingdom and appeals the people to stop using the drink. I asked Lord Bhrigu to check with amisg friends in Pariha. They are not the smallest stable division of matter.

That is the only thing we can be sure of. According to them, the Nagas were now ruled by an extremist harridan whose frustration with her own karma made everyone else the object of her ire.

The happy message for the Meluhan emperor was that the progeny Daksha cared for – Sati and Kartik – were alive and safe. All the deceptions and war strategies of both sides were explained very plainly leaving no element of surprise.