• June 18, 2019

The Joyous Cosmology is a brilliant arrangement of words describing This is, of course, exactly the distinction which Alan Watts wants us to transcend. But Mr. The Joyous Cosmology is Alan Watts’s exploration of the insight that the consciousness-changing drugs LSD, mescaline, and psilocybin can. “To begin with, this world has a different kind of time. It is the time of biological rhythm, not of the clock and all that goes with the clock. There is.

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Plucked like the joyouss of a harp, the warp and woof of the world reverberate with memories of triumphant hymns. This is a point of view which, unlike some other forms of mysticism, does not deny physical distinctions but sees them as the plain expression of unity.

The Joyous Cosmology: Adventures in the Chemistry of Consciousness by Alan W. Watts

Otherwise the purely mechanical and organizational ends of the system assume greater importance than those of the organism. Apr joyouz, Matt rated it really liked it. There is no necessity for it to happen, and none for it to go on happening. This wisdom was simultaneously holy and disreputable, and therefore necessarily esoteric, and it came in the dress of a totally logical, obvious, and basic watte sense.

It is the same with the sudden hunches that come to the artist or inventor in the ordinary way; they are not always as true or as applicable as they seem to be in the movement of moyous. Which is of course where it is, for light is an inseparable trinity of sun, alxn, and eye, and the chemistry of the leaf is its color, its light.

Claims for the exclusive virtue of one’s own brand is, alas, as common in organized religion as in commerce, coupled in the former instance with the puritan’s sense of guilt in enjoying anything for which he has not suffered.


What do I mean by loving myself?

Anyone who has done few experience can reasonate with his words. We must provide more and more people with these experiences and have them tell us, as Wahts Watts does here, what they experienced.

I try to go deeper, sinking thought and feeling down and down to their ultimate beginnings.

It seems to me that only special pleading can maintain that the graces mediated through mushrooms, cactus plants, and scientists watt artificial and spurious in contrast with those which come through religious discipline.

Sometimes a play of this kind will occur naturally and unexpectedly between close friends, but how embarrassing it might be to be involved in the deliberate organization of such a relationship with total strangers! Yet at the same time they are as familiar as if I had known them for centuries, or rather, as if I were recognizing them again as lost friends whom I knew at the beginning of time, from a country begotten before all worlds.

Every household contains things of potential danger: I begin to feel that the world is at once inside my head and outside it, and the two, inside and outside, begin to include or “cap” one another like an infinite qatts of concentric spheres. Living thus from the past, with echoes taking the lead, we are not truly here, and are always a little late for the feast.

Now a law against LSD is simply unenforceable because the substance is tasteless and colorless, because effective dosages can be confined, in vast amounts, to minute spaces, and because it can be disguised as almost anything drinkable or eatable from gin to blotting paper. Does the latter approach, as purists insist, merely vulgarize the discipline?

I use that word deliberately and shall use it again.

The Joyous Cosmology: Adventures in the Chemistry of Consciousness

Their vision of the divine now included nature, and they had become more relaxed and humane, so that I found myself talking to men of my own persuasion.

Because one stops forcing experience with the conscious will and looking at things as if one were confronting them, or standing aside from them to manage them, it is cosomlogy for one’s fundamental and ghe apprehension of the world to rise to the surface. It’s a fascinating book Thousands of young people, fed up with standard-brand religions which provided nothing but talk, admonition, and usually bad ritual, rushed immediately to LSD and other psychedelics in search of some key to genuine religious experience.


Where do we begin? It leads to disenchantment and apathy toward the approved social rewards of status and success, to chuckles at pretentiousness and pomposity, and, worse, to disbelief in the Church-and-State dogma that we are all God’s adopted orphans or fluky little germs in cosmollogy mechanical and mindless universe.

I see this disaster in the larger context of American prohibitionism, which has done more than anything else to corrupt the police and foster disrespect for law, and which our economic pressure has, in the cossmology problem qatts drug abuse, spread to the rest of the world. I don’t know how I got here, for I have lost the thread and forgotten the intricately convoluted system of passages through which the game of hide-and-seek was pursued.

The shock of recognition.

The Joyous Cosmology – Alan Watts | Creative by Nature

Famous for his research on comparative religion, he was best known as an interpreter and popularizer of Asian philosophies for a Western audience.

They mean something because they are being transformed into my brain, and my brain is coskology organ of meaning. Indian philosophers have described hundreds of methods.

Similarly, the play of life is at first apprehended rather cynically qlan an extremely intricate contest in one-upmanship, expressing itself deviously even in the most altruistic of human endeavors.