AFI 13-204 V3 PDF

  • June 13, 2019

immediately implements changes to AFI , Volume 1, Airfield .. Airfield Operations Standardization and Evaluations and Vol 3, Airfield. Flight Planning Procedures. IAW AFI , Vol 3, AMOPS has the overall responsibility for inputting, amending, canceling and re-filing flight. immediately implements changes to AFI , Volume 2, Airfield Operations See AFI , Vol 3, Airfield Operations Procedures and.

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AFIVol 2, Para 2. CACI provides dynamic careers for over 20, employees worldwide. AFIPara 3. Is the Host safety office responsible for the base program? Each flying unit will conduct quarterly aircrew flying safety meetings.

Does the unit safety office acting on behalf of the commander ensure that AF Form and AF Form are available to aircrews at base operations facilities, flying squadron operations offices, in trip kits, and in USAF ATC facilities? If sent due to a delay, does the investigator explain 13–204 reason for the delay and the expected completion date?

Display the page detailing Open Recommendations. You receive a continuous readout from an aircraft on the airport and the readout varies by less than feet afii the field elevation, or You have avi the altitude information in your data block with the validated information in a data block generated in another facility by verbally coordinating with the other controller and your readout is exactly the same as the readout in the other data block.

ATC Jeopardy

The training will be documented and include but not limited to: Interval and mode of training should be coordinated with the host base or nearest AFB. Do spot inspections document at least the following: An aircraft conducting an instrument, visual, or contact approach has landed or has been instructed to change to advisory frequency.


Does each unit conducting or supporting flight operations have an aviation safety program? Liaise between 1-204 and v33 nation airport, serve on boards and airfield related forums and brief airfield management services, as required.

AFIVol 3, Para 3. Explosives site plans and licensed facilities. SAFSOs may 3v automated or manual tracking means as implemented by the squadron to track accomplishment of required events e.

Otherwise, units may elect to participate in the host or nearest AFB base training. An aircraft completes a radar approach. Strikes occurring while aircraft are assigned to an expeditionary force will be reported by the expeditionary force flight safety office, when staffed adequately. The BASH program requires complete documentation of local wildlife aafi, effects 13-240 missions and possible solutions to include hazards surrounding ranges used by local flying units.

Do commanders and supervisors at all levels:. Are Final Messages written so the reader clearly understands how the findings and causes were determined and clearly states the role of the individuals found causal 13-2044 the mishap sequence?

Send us your form. Investigators may send status messages as often as deemed necessary in addition to those required by Table 6. Once identified, commanders can take risk mitigation actions based on statistical data. AfPara 6. Does the safety staff participate in any federal, state, or local safety councils or committees? When R is active all aircraft. Does the commander minimize assigning full-time safety personnel additional duties not directly associated with duties described in series directives and their supplements?

Once trained, do individual FSOs fill the position for a minimum of 18 months? Has the COS ensured the plan defines roles, responsibilities and notification requirements for leadership and all involved agencies? Also, electronic means is a afu substitute for and the preferred practice over using safety bulletin boards.


Does commander ensure AF Form is available to aircrews?

Airfield Manager/Liaison (Curacao)

Build your own checklists for free. 13-20 the COS ensure each authorized position is staffed with trained and qualified professionals to manage safety programs at the staff level?

Does the COS report directly to the commander and manage the mishap prevention v33 for the commander? AFRC host, tenant and associate units are not tasked to conduct interim safety board ISB member training unless the commitment has been included in a letter of agreement or host base support agreement. Does the BASH program document coordination with the host authority on reducing wildlife hazards? This requirement is fulfilled whether conducted as a unit or Wing.

When AF personnel are found causal in a mishap, are they given an opportunity to submit a witness statement commenting on the findings?

ATC Jeopardy Jeopardy Template

Create a new account. Are recommendations for corrective action documented? AFIVol 3, Para Is the MACA program tailored to meet local needs? Does it address base support during periods when the Host is not flying such as weekends? Verify members of the safety office who have administrator privileges. Formal reports and briefing drafts are 13-2004 to the contractor NLT 3 days prior to the Convening Authority briefing.

Does the COS provide face-to-face training to new commanders within 90 days of their arrival or appointment on the safety and health of the organization?