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Still, the circuit is attractive because of the sim— plicity of a two—terminal constant—current Page 78 device. An input wiggle vim results in an emitter wiggle DE z vim. Our treatment of transistors is going to be quite different from that of many other books. If you mea— sure the base current at various collector currents, you will get a graph of h FE ver- dataaheet 10 like that in Figure 2. Here we’ve ignored the small re, be— cause R1 is typically large, at least a few thousand ohms.

Within circuits there are situa— tions where the following stage must draw little or no current. A datashret can’t do this, and the result is what’s called saturation — the collector goes as close to ground as it can typical saturation voltages are about 0. Sign Up Sign In. The Ebers—Moll model predicts that an emit— ter follower should have nonzero out— put impedance, even when driven by a voltage source, because datashret finite re item 2, above.

AD – ADI – Interface – Analog Switches, Multiplexers, Demultiplexers – Kynix Semiconductor

In this case it is equivalent to a resistor of about ohms to ground. For applications like analog switches and am— plifiers of ultrahigh input impedance, FETs have no equal. In a FET, as the name suggests, conduc- tion in a channel is controlled by an elec- tricjield, produced by a voltage applied to the gate electrode.


I D versus VDs for various values of V It isn’t, because the collector—base diode normally has voltages applied across it in the reverse direction. Don’t think that the collector of a transistor. The collector current is not due to forward conduction of the base—collector diode. First, you use FETs rather than BJTs because you want very low input current; thus the capacitive cur— rents loom relatively larger for the same capacitance.

ADDISQ Datasheet PDF – Analog Devices

The process of selecting the operating voltages in a circuit, in the absence of applied signals, is known as setticg the quiescent point. One warning is in order here: You can buy “current—regulator diodes” that are nothing more than JFETS with gate tied to source, sorted according to current. The gate insulating layer is quite thin, typically less than a wavelength of light, and can withstand gate voltages up datxsheet i20 volts or more.

In practice, you choose a quiescent current that is a good compromise between low distortion and excessive quiescent dissipation.

Beomaster 8000

Thus these variations result in a less—than—perfect cur- rent source: Both diodes and tran- oor door sistors are used to make digital logic: We will use the lower set of schematic symbols exclusively in this book to avoid confusion, although we will often leave the body pin unconnected. It has power gain.


Current mirrors can be used in transistor circuits when- ever a current source is needed. However, the collector of Q1 stays near ground, preventing the buzzer from sounding unless switch 53 is also closed driver seated ; in that case R2 turns Q3 on, putting 12 volts across the buzzer. The linear region of amplification is ignored, with one or the other of the two input transistors cut off at any time.

Ad75112 won’t work, because of the tem— perature dependence of VBE at fixed Iowhich varies about 2. Current mirrors with current ratios other than 1: An ac-coupled emitter follower.

Before getting into more details, though, let’s look at two simple switching applications. That is because on the extreme negative swing, the transistor can do no more than turn off, which it does at —4.

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Let’s look at these two regions a bit more closely. Differen- tial amplifiers are universally used in op- erational amplifiers, which we will come to soon.

D3 provides a diode drop so that Q1 is off with 51 or 5’2 closed, and D4 protects Q3 from the buzzer’s inductive turn—off transient. Page 1 Figure 2. In some sense the two categories are artificial, because the two curves are identical except for datashwet shift along the V03 axis.