• July 26, 2019

global success story of Freelance F, with more than. 12, applications covering all sectors of industry. In developing the AC F controller, ABB has. A Freelance system can consist of between one and several AC F, AC F or AC F controllers and can be extended with different types of I/O units. how to insert I/O modules in the control builder F for AC F in the hardware C:\Program Files\ABB Industrial IT\Freelance\export\

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Check in network configuration that emulator is configured on Other questions needing answers. ABB has alot of training vedios on the youtube to descripe such thungs. Open interner explorer and open http: Pls help me check it, thank you! Rreelance have been upgraded it in procedure: Comments 2 New comment by canesmaior Rank: Pls check them in here!

That’s great,believe me nobody is expert it’s only mater of time, that someone had experienced problem many time before you and he knows solution. With gsd file you need to configure each module in manual way.

Reason asking I don’t see any known problem related freelaance F version for timesynch.


Hi is this a system that has been upgraded from older Freelance versions? With FDT option configurations is easy you only need to add the modules, and all configuration is ready. Comments 1 New comment by JuergenV Rank: Voted best answer 5. So 800t seems you sometimes have some kind of network trouble.

Comments 1 New comment by Hoang Van Rank: The event indicates that the controller has temporarily disabled the ethernet receiver on network 1 because of a too high packet rate seen on the network. I really appreciate your help, since I am no expert on the subject. All of 6 OS have Digivis rfeelance. Pls see the Hardware Structure picture in the attachment.

Hello, Inserting IO modules is very well explained in above answers as well as you can check in CBF help file or online help video’s. I hesitate that the reason is ab conflict between Window and Freelance software. Hi all, My customer have a big problem with their system.

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Could you please guide me as to how to run the emulator of an AC F in Control Builder F, at the time of loading the program the message is displayed: That is right and wrong, Right – incase emulator is running on other then local host. Thank you very much. This would avoid the message box, but there would probably still be no communication to the controllers because of the network issue.


Else please register case with support line people. Comments 1 New comment by Sumit Gargav Rank: When a ping to your own Ip-Adress is OK, the emulator can be startet.

Can you explain about this Event? Other questions needing answers.

AC F Emulator (Freelance System Emulator)

If there is no entry, then the message box should not appear. The controller with IP address The switch or hub needs no other network connection. If the lack of Digivis license can affect to our customer system. Question App Login Help. We have upgraded this system in Thank you very much for your answer, by following the steps explained, could load the program to the emulator, everything works perfectly.


Question App Login Help. Download whole station for Process station Emulator.

Do you see the notification on the Digivis Stations too?